Thursday, December 27, 2007

Resolutions! Alert the Media!!

I am rather a pointedly ANTI-resolution type. Well, just for a change of pace, I am going to make some resolutions this year, just to be obnoxious.

1. I am going to go through my UFO pile. Anything that I don't know what is for, (like the blue and white "thing" on 10 1/2 needles), or that I don't think I will do, (some gloves MIGHT be on that list...), or just that I can find a different, more useful use for the yarn, will be made back into skeins or yarn cakes, and hopefully thereby making at least a bit more room on the shelf.

2. The UFO's left. Finish them. I have one UFO, for me, that needs 3 seams sewn. Haven't done it since they were off the needles six or seven months ago. Think it's aged enough, yes?

3. Clean the boxes in the craft room. I think I even mentioned this in a previous blog...

'Nuff said...

4. Start my walking again. Husband said Rudee is looking "chunky". We can't have a chunky dog now, can we? That, of course, is my resolution for Rudee. I have absolutely no reason for walking. The dog needs it, is all, and just likes me walking with him... Ahem.

5. Get a 'portable' spinning wheel made with my Dad. We have been talking about doing this, and I am volunteering to help with a spinning group doing a presentation, working with kids. I am paranoid that my "good" spinning wheel will be damaged by some little kid that has mistaken it for an erector set, or some such. With our making a wheel, I can drag out and back, fix on the spot (hopefully), and won't be out more than what a bicycle wheel or PVC pipe would cost.

6. Write at least once a week on my blog. I can always write MORE, but at least once a week. Who knows, I might even get a spark and write every day!

Uh, huh. What I said about the media? Don't alert them on #6.

(photos hopefully tomorrow on the SOCKS and SHAWL that I made Mom for Christmas. I didn't get the camera out for Christmas, going on a photo shoot today... And who knows, maybe more resolutions. How about 1026 x 400? Heh...)

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