Friday, April 04, 2008

Bloggy bits...

This was not a stellar week. I tried to be nice about it, but trying to do good things for people this week, did NOT go unpunished. So, rather than depress everyone with my whining, (which I believe I am quite good at, by the by), I decided that I would throw some 'stuff' in my blog, that in and of itself, wouldn't really be much, but might be enough if I throw it all in one. Sorta like leftovers for dinner, but not.

One of my friends said they have puppies that are a Red Heeler and Blue Heeler mix. I keep wondering if that makes them Purple Heelers.

One of my roosters is offended by wind. If the wind blows, he will go out and challenge it. He literally will stand and squawk at passing breezes, if they ruffle his tail feathers. I really don't think he would be my first choice for continuing the species.

Joke someone told me recently. There is a place in Idaho, called Picabo (peek-a-boo). Thusly, there is in the hospital, a Picabo I.C.U. (Well, who knows, maybe it's NOT a joke. I think it's funny, however.)

If you don't start on a New Year's Resolution, have you broken it?

In that regard, I have actually found some of the floor in my craft room, but Now I am losing space on the window area, because I am starting plants from seed. I have some pumpkins, that I believe are trying to take over. They haven't even formed true leaves yet, and are almost a hand span tall. (Feed me, Semore!) On the annoying side, I have replanted my peppers 3 times, and nada. I am soon to go to the time honored tradition of saying to H*** with it, and buying plants. Darn it.

Am I feeling like living irony, as I spin, love to knit, like fiber a lot, and my next door neighbor raises sheep!

HAIR sheep.

Sheep you don't have to shear.

Sheep that don't give fiber...


I found a grow it yourself chicken scratch on, (terrific company, no relation, just satisfied customer), and so I thought I would get some for the birds. Then I started reading what they put in it for seed...

Bloomsdale spinach
Oak Leaf Lettuce
Salad Bowl Lettuce
Red Russian Kale
Red Giant Mustard

Um. I am going to plant a plot for the chickens... I am also planting a row in my garden. FOR ME!

(Hey, looky that! I managed to get a link to work, there is hope for me, yet!)

Ok, well, have a nice day, and if you can't leave a post, (I have received complaints. Thank you, didn't know...) then email at "rencatus AT yahoo DAWT com" , with the obvious changes. Others of you that can, I thank you!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled other stuff to do.


  1. Very witty and funny blog. Picabo...cute. So the hair sheep shed right? can you use that for yarn? I am showing my ignorance...

  2. Well, yes, they shed. So, if I want to "wool gather", I suppose I could get some of the fiber, but the hair is not the same quality as say, a "Wool" breed of wool, (unlike a meat breed, which is what this is), and I would have to more or less add other fiber to it, as it doesn't... Bind together... the way a wool sheep's does. (Hope that makes sense.) But no, They have already gotten rid of the fluff they had in winter, and unless I want to wander about the field looking for little fiber bits, I am out of luck...



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