Thursday, May 15, 2008

What have I been up to? Oh, stuff...

I finished a pair of socks... I was going to finish them for Mother's Day. Welllllllllllllll, my niece was 'bored', Uncle nee' Husband said, oh, well, you can come over.


I entertained niece for the better part of the day. I am not upset, but I felt very strange for having her over, the one day I would think she should perhaps BE WITH HER MOM??? (Who knows, maybe she thought that would make a good Mother's Day gift.)

But, anywho, the socks ARE finished, I did the design purposefully off, so the socks are obviously a pair, but don't match. I gave Mom the option of either way, she thought it would be fun to have them randomized, and it bugs Husband a little, I think there is too much of the machinist in him to like it being 'that' random. I have a pair with one blue, and one red heel, and it bugs him every time he notices it. I think it's fun. Poor guy is going to have a problem when I knit my Dobby socks, and they not only don't match, they aren't the same style, (one is a brown guy's sock, the other a pink and orange gal's sock... Unless I make the red with snitch, green with broomstick ones...)

We unplugged the Digital. We are in an iffy area, and if the wind blows, the antenna swings some, and it can total the signal. Great... But what was on there sure LOOKS nice.

Diggin' in my garden. I have planted more stuff this year than any that I can remember since I was helping my Grandpa. Wow. And, the majority are just flowers and such, not veggies (yet.) This has actually been the biggest time draw of late. I am going to plant cauliflower this afternoon. But I have been planting Phlox, and Lillies, and hosta, and wildflower seed, and oddball little thingies that I don't know what are, and some things with blue flowers, and just all sorts o' neat stuff. Pictures will be forthcoming when I can photgraph more than watered dirt.

Garden will be going in pretty soon, Husband is putting up a deer fence. I think this could keep out more than deer. I think he might have thought the Huns were invading... Heavy pipe for the posts, and Cattle fencing. Eeep! But most of it we had, so it is not as expensive as buying 'true' deer fencing. Plus, the pipes can be removed fairly easily with an Allen wrench. I have some pumpkins and gourds out there now, will get the garden in, Gawd willin' 'n the creek don't rise, on or near Memorial Day. Not during Indy 500, however. That is my one time of year for car racing... With Dad.

Am now working on a resolution keeper, I had a UFO, and am finishing. It's a baby outfit, I knit for a military charity, and they make "baby sea bags", for new parents, and they include a baby set. Hence, I am knitting a set, for said bag. Green with white trim. Soooo plain it hurts. I am going to do SOMETHING different on the next one, or I won't be able to knit them much longer without making more UFO's!

Ok, now I need to go do some more stuff. Carry on!

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