Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

I have a moment. Breathe... Blog... Ahhhh. Ok...
I don't know why everything has decided to happen at once. I was out doing stuff the last few days. Dad and I worked on a bike race, making sure those who left, and those who returned were the same number. (Thank goodness, they were...)

Then, later that day, Husband and I went to a... Well, for lack of a better term, a Memorial Wake. The body wasn't present, but the spirit was. So were spirits, for that matter, everyone was commenting on the deceased's penchant for brewing, and sampling brews, and more sampling, and MOOORE sampling, etc..

It was kind of funny, because most of the folks there know my husband, but didn't know me all that well. So I sat around, sort of bored, until I asked the bartender for a Shirley Temple. (I know, how can I drink the hard stuff like that, but we do what we must...) Just incidentally, he put it in a cocktail glass. People started talking to me! Isn't that odd?

Then we went to visit my Mom's cousin on Sunday. They had visited New Zealand, oh, the pictures! WOOOW! I really hadn't ever thought much about New Zealand, and that made me want to see what it would take to go! (But I still want to go to Alaska, first.) We had dinner together, and I found a new knitting friend, so all is well in the W. Valley.

I am working on a baby layette-y thing, will post pics later, it's a sweater, hat and shoes set, I knit for the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society.

Went spinning, and have decided the spinning I am doing will not be for a shawl after all, it will be socks. Now I just have to wash and hang the yarn, so I will have it for said socks...

Kept the animals in water during the hot spell, it is amazing how fast we can all go through liquid when it's 90+. Especially when it was 60ish the day before. And now it's 60ish again. Mom Nature is having a nervous breakdown again... Or a hot flash. Or both...

I have some whatsits growing in the flower gardens. I am impatiently waiting to see what they are. They look like little green blobs right now. I have some that I do know, I planted Peacock Orchids (which is really strange, as it's NOT an orchid...), Daliahs, and Cosmos. Those, and in the front, I have a Hosta. I think I buried planted some phlox, too. Uh, there should be some Daylilies and... Er. Lily lillies? Anyway, I have a bunch of stuff in the ground, and the majority seem to have survived my ministrations on them. Oh, and some fir trees, a holly thingy, and I will be planting a Golden Chain tree or two. Am I a crazy plant woman, or what?

To that end, two funnies. A church sign. "May is God's apology for February." and a bumper sticker, "Another Gardener for Peas."

Peas to all...

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