Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tiny bottles, in the fridge... And a tag.

Ok, it's not a bottle, it's a can. But it doesn't work with the Don Ho music. I like Coca-Cola. I don't usually like to drink a whole can, for two reasons. I drink it very slowly, by the time I would get finished with a can, it is disgusting, de-fizzed, and warm. Ick. Also, I have to watch my caffine intake, so I get some sleep on rare occasions.

So, I go to Arkansas Mart, and remember that Husband wants some Coke. I start looking, and lo and behold, what are these cute little things? I found 8 ounce Coke cans! I can drink a whole can, not waste it, or have husband drinking a can and a half. This is nice for me! It reminds me of a little paint jar like we used in grade school, so it has the retro thing going, too.

So, I read "Wendy Knits". http://wendyknits.net/ She said you could consider yourself tagged if you wanted, so I decided it was an easy one for me. So, Five Things.

5 things in your purse.

  1. A half knit hat. (A carry along project for when I am in line, or need to wait.)

  2. A flashlight.

  3. My Red Cross Blood donation card.

  4. A note pad and pen.

  5. Bright red gloves, (store bought, not knit, can you believe it?)

5 things in your room. (Ok, it didn't specify what room, so I choose "craft".)

  1. Yarn. More Yarn. Lots and lots and LOTS of yarn!

  2. Japanese newspapers from the Olympics before last.

  3. Bobbin lace kit (presently unused. Sigh. I have more ideas that ambition, sometimes.)

  4. My old computer that I am using as a typewriter/CD player.

  5. Several boxes of Christmas items I am trying to decide whether to put away, or sort through and have a give away of 'stuff' I don't use, and probably won't.

5 things I want to do. Ok, this could be a loaded question, so if some of these are 'fluffy', tough.

1. Go to Alaska.

2. Go to Ireland.

3. Write and get my book published. (Which, when you think about it, might make 1 and 2 easier.)

4. Be able to fit into my wedding dress again by my 30th anniversary. (Hey, I could make it...)

5. Have my craft room actually have craft stuff in it, not be a spare "chuck it in there so it's out of the way, and oh, let's store anything that doesn't fit anywhere else room". (Yeah, like that's going to happen...)

5 things I am into now.

1. Finishing up a baby set for my Mom's cousin's grandchild. (No, I am not good at how family is related to me directly, why do you ask? Besides, who cares? It's baby knitting...)

2. Filling up my MP3 player with as many of my CD's as I can cram on there, then stealing my husband's CD's he has in the shop and cramming most of those on, too.

3. "Highway Companion", by Tom Petty. (Husband chose his Christmas present to me well...)

4. Walking the hill behind my house. Again. It's almost enjoyable, except for slipping on llama beans... Less catastrophic than cow dung, but not pleasant, in either case.

5. Reseaching information on the 911 system and Law Enforcement for my someday book.

So, if you have a blog, TAG! You're it! If not, eh.

And now, on to... Well, I am sure I will figure out something...

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