Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dodutdooduda doo... and Husband's helping a neighbor.

G*d help me, I heard "The Popcorn Song" by Hot Butter, and it has firmly stuck itself into my brain... AIGH! Song worm attack!

Ok, work on the blog, ignore it, and doo da doo doo doo... Uh, oh... (Click on the link if you dare!)


Husband has a friend that has some severe arthritis in his hands, but likes to target shoot. He has this little rifle, but the cocking mechanism was getting to the point that he couldn't pull it back without hurting his fingers. Husband kept working on this for about 3 or 4 days, just plotting and figuring how to make an adjustment to get it to work. He tried one or two ideas that didn't work because of weight, or because it wouldn't fit into the space provided. He finally came up with this little finger pull. (The normal pull is a small, button shaped piece.)

It allows said friend to pull with either an index finger or a thumb, (Husband didn't know which would be easier for him, so made it large enough to accomidate a thumb), and is made with some... Titatium, brushed to look like the metal surrounding it. (Ti makes it rustproof, and lighter. This piece being larger than the part that came off, needed to weigh the same, as it was part of the firing pin mechanism.)

This is where and how it sits on the rifle.

A different view. The rifle is a "Chipmunk". I was nearly thrown out after the fifth or sixth time I asked Husband how Alvin was doing. He does not tolerate puns all that well...

(Like he should be surprised when I named my llamas, Rama, Lama, Ding Dong, and Lorenzo???)

I know this isn't my normal 'bloggy' stuff, but I just thought it was really a nice job that my husband did, and for a neat reason, too. It's one of those goofy things that aren't really something you would have a great call for, but it's important to someone. And that's what makes it special.

Why yes, I am biased, why do you ask?

Do dut doo du do da doo... Excuse me while I go put on something else, ANYTHING else, to get this @#$% song out of my head!!!


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