Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mitigating guilt...

I was invited to a volunteer dinner, to which I haven't been doing a bit of stuff for, for at least... Since January?  At least.  So, I decided to get some quick projects done up for them, so I feel that I am not just 'eating for free'.  So here is my two Fu dogs, modeling some baby hats I just did up.  I get 4 hours per hat, (Which I think is stupid, if I take an hour to make a hat, I am to put down four hours.  If I take 15 hours to make a hat, I put down four hours.  They said they average the work hours, so it's fair to everyone.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  But I digress), so I have 8 hours, and can eat with a clear conscience.

I would have modeled the hats on something bigger, but I have carefully packed away some of my 'models' while cleaning the craft room.  And right now, can't find them...  Oops.

Mr. and Mrs. Dog present: Hats!

And if Knittingwolf is reading this, I will be getting this out to you soon!

(Dorothy not included...)

So, my needles have been sort of busy of late.  I have been knitting on this lapghan to try and get it finished, but the hats were just finished, yesterday, and I decided to knit myself some socks, to celebrate.  Sad, but true... 

Hi, I'm Cat, and I am a knit-aholic... 


  1. Beautiful! I used to knit, just simple stuff, but I enjoyed it. It hurts my hands now, so I don't do it any more. I'm glad to see someone else enjoying it so.

  2. I love to knit, I am so hoping that I don't get any problems with my hands, I don't exactly know what I would do. Knitting is something I have around me all the time. Something that I sometimes don't even realize that I am doing, it happens so spontaniously...



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