Monday, August 30, 2010

Sounds of today getting started.

Quiet grumble of Husband's breathing. 

Creak of the bed. 

Small snaps and pops the house makes as it settles.

Rain on the roof. 

Whickers and neighing of the neighbor's horses.

Angry bellow of the young steers competing for Alpha status.  Followed (usually) by the cracking sound of hard steer heads colliding.

Whines, barks from Rudee, ready to GO already!

High screech of a hawk, overhead, then gone. 

Llama snorts.

Rudee snorts.

Random clucks and cackles from the hens. 

The conversational meows of Tuxedo.

Rain on my hat.

Drips from trees.

Soft squeaks of wet grass.

Tom's singing "Too Good to Be True", punctuated by pole and foot stepping.

Husband joking with me, and the squishy slurp of being peeled from a jacket that  I found out ISN'T waterproof.

My hair dripping on the bathroom floor, before I can grab a towel.

The loud TICK as the toaster pops. 

Microwave ding for hot water for tea.

Yep, the day has started...


  1. Gee, I thought country life was supposed to be so quiet.... ;-)

  2. Quiet is over rated!



  3. And hungry "moos" from the dairy farm next door, competing with the baas of my sheep ... not to mention the "dawn chorus' of hundreds of bird in the trees in the garden. I hear ya! It's the busiest time of the day!

  4. Much better than the sounds of my house:
    Where's the coffee? Where are my socks? Mom, I can't find my book! Cats scratching at the doors, kittens squalling to be fed, neighbor's engine starting up, school buses and garbage trucks rattling past.

    No wonder I wake up tired already!

  5. I love it. All so neat when you take time to notice...

  6. Judith:

    Yep, it's a noisy place, if you just listen!


  7. messymimi:

    Uh. Eeep. Well, those ARE sounds of the morning, just perhaps a slightly more frazzled one!


  8. polly's path:

    Listening, it can be a very neat activity for me.



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