Sunday, January 09, 2011

Winter prep.

The weather guessers have said that there is supposed to be snow, and by Wednesday, we are supposed to have snow, ice, sleet, and I would gather by the hype, the alpacalypse. 

So, as always, we check if we have fuel for the generator, water, food, that sort of thing.  (Rural area here, power goes out enough to make you need back up...) Other than Husband going into milk withdrawal, I think we are sitting pretty good.  And he keeps telling me he can use the dried milk on his cereal.  He can, I can't.  I think it stinks.  (The taste is fine, but I think it literally has a bad odor.) 

So, if all goes well tomorrow, I will do my usual Monday 'stuff', go to the store and get what I have on the ol' list.  Otherwise, I might hunker down with some tea, my knitting (messymimi, I am started on your sock!), and hope that the weather is over hyped and waaaay under realized. 

Would be much more pleasant that way, for me, at least.  No ice would also make walking a smidgen easier...
And Husband less likely to want me to stay in the house continually (he is afraid I will slip and fall.  Which, while a valid point, makes me stir crazy in very short order.)

So, the only thing left is for me to find my ultra sexy 80's vintage rainbow snow boots, and I am ready for almost anything.

Except the alpacalypse.  Perhaps I should cry llamantations...

(She dives, she runs!  Two, count 'em, TWO horrid puns!)


Party.  What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010?  Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Ok, this is sort of cheating, but for me, this WAS the social gathering of 2010.  Mojo.  So I put the blogity link things here, below, that was pretty thoroughly covered when I got back...

Mojo 2
Mojo 3
Mojo 4
Mojo 5

Told ya I covered it... ; )  And I since I rocked my socks off, I even knitted new Mojo socks. 


  1. Still plugging away at the Other Room, I got the computer all set up and ..... the lights are all on and nobody's home. Bleep! So I am resting a bit and will drag MY old comp in there and try to set that one up and see if I can get IT going. Wouldn't you know, we already ordered a new flat screen monitor.

    I believe we are going to get snow, yep! Hopefully not as much as they are saying! Gee, can I borrow your snow boots? How about your jacket? DH will have to find the shovel, we actually have one!

    The closest thing I got to a social gathering, was the kids stopping by for a bit - does that qualify?

    Well, you stay warm and out of trouble! :-)

  2. Oh, I wish that I could get mine cleaned out. It still looks like a bomb went off. I will have to dedicate a bit of time this week, to at least get my WRITING area clean!

    Oh,no, can't borrow them sexy boots, they are so fashionably retro, and they keep my feet warm! LOL!

    Social is social, I think family counts!

    Cat (who mostly is staying out of trouble. Warm, I am working on...)

  3. Love puns, the worse, the better. Like Shakespeare, who came up with so many great groaners.

    Hope you don't have to use the generator (we have one also, for when hurricanes knock the power out for weeks and weeks), and no ice! You can't go sliding off anywhere, you have a Christmas sock to finish!;)

  4. I have to agree, those are some truly awful puns. Loved 'em.


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