Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Time. Zoooooom, there it goes!

I thought it had been about 4 days since my last blog.  Ahem.


So, Just to let you know that I am among the land of the living...  Yon update on Le Doings.

I read all the comments.  Then tried to use my computer, which promptly committed some random blast of poo, rendering it useless for such things as GOING ONLINE.  (I am writing this at the cop shop, and Husband has said that I can use his computer when he's out in his shop.  And since he has a big order from the company he works for, I should be able to get some computer time...)  I still get emails.  That is something, I guess.  I just can't convince the computer that is NOT a virus.  I have narrowed it down to my Norton program, I think, so with any luck, I hopefully shall get some sort of solution after running a restart.


I want to say that on the comments, La Shaune, your comment that there should be a knitting bag in the shape of a Tardis has given me an idea, which I hope to work on soon, and will post in the (hopefully) near future. 

Sharon, you should email me and I would see what I could do about the bag... If you don't mind a wait. :)

messymimi and Danielle, the even more annoying part, I exercised all week, and he didn't! Bah!!

Rain and Dreaming, this is the first time I have ever had dealings with a GPS, it was beginning to make me wonder what the fuss was about.  But in the city, it was a huge help, especially when I missed a turnoff...

bon bon, yes, I have found that knitting and sci-fi seem to go together.  Guess it's all that string theory, heh heh heh...

So, I have been helping at the Ren Faire site, cutting grass and weeding, putting off my garden, where I would be... cutting grass and weeding.  Life can be interesting that way, sometimes. 

My llamas... Have been very friendly with one another, all except Llama.  She just walks away from the fray, grunts, and just watches the antics.  If I don't get a cria* out of this, it won't be for lack of (Lorenzo's) trying! 

I have now had cucumbers, a few zucchinis, and 2 crookneck squash from my garden.

I have had a few tomatoes, but every one of them so far have been cracked because of all the rain we have had.  I keep thinking we could trade, give a few days of rain to some of the other states that are roasting, and they could give us about a 5 or ten degree up in temp to help with growing.  Right now, we are having weather more suited to April in this area, then August.  One bright spot, the fire danger is relatively low...

I was watching a movie, just getting into it, and our lovely digital programming got me, the signal went out.  (Insert various non-lady like words here).  I had a little bit of time before I went to the cop shop today, and went to the library.  I remembered they had videos.  I started snooping, and TA DA!  The movie that I had been watching was there.  I snapped it up, and most likely will watch it tonight or tomorrow.  Hey, I have the card, might as well use it, right? 

I was reading that if you just do the same exercising, that your body can adjust to it, and you don't lose weight as quickly.  So I have added a daily set of sit ups.  I started at 100, and am now up to 300.  It seems to take forever.  But this week I lost about 1 1/2 pounds.  So we shall see.  I keep trying to figure out how to add push ups, but so far my knee won't cooperate.  (I have no kneecap on one side, so pressing on it for long periods doesn't work.)  I might a "knee pillow" of some sort, and start with like, oh, 10 push ups, see if I go into paroxysms of agony, if not, increase.  It's one of those things that I just have to go slow.

And I am up to the 8th handwritten page on my book.  It's a start!  Few hundred to go...

Wishing all my readers GOOD computer time,

* cria is the term for a baby llama.


  1. Great to see you back.

    Funny you should mention string theory -- Bigger Girl and i were having a conversation about it when i opened this page. Life's funny that way, like the mowing.

    Have you tried doing standing push-ups against a wall instead of the standard ones?

    It sounds like Lorenzo is very much enjoying having a harem. You might end up overrun.

    Good for you on the garden! Hope the tomatoes dry out.

    Good work on the book, too. Set aside a time to write every day, and keep it as a sacred appointment. You will get there.

  2. such wit. ;o)

    have you ever tried pilates?

  3. messymimi:

    String theory? Knitters know all about that! ;D

    I tried your suggestion of the wall push ups, they feel strange, but they just might work, we shall see!

    I will have to commit to time on my book, not necessarily every day, but much more than the 'whenever' that I have been doing...


  4. bon bon:

    I have not, in fact, when I first heard of them, I had to Google the term, I thought it was some sort of food item! But I might have to see what the 'buzz' is about...



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