Thursday, December 15, 2011

Slow days, and "guy" thing?

I wish I could tell you all the exciting stuff going on 'round here.

Uh.  I have three different socks on needles, 2 sets for me, one is a Christmas present.  The Christmas one is a completely different, toe up, complex sock, which I had never tried before.  The selling point for it, was another customer, who told me "I love this sock, and with the directions, you don't end up in the fetal position in the corner halfway through..."  Good enough for me.  Let's just say, I have HAD that problem with some patterns.  Especially since I have managed to get a pattern or two with typos. GAH!

The weather has been freezing or below, so Husband is doing a little extra feeding of the animals for me, I think. I can't get out there, he could be playing Pinochle with the llamas, for all I know.  But they seem happy, what I can see from the house.  Rudee isn't, since I can't come out and walk him.  I didn't think I would miss that so much, but out of all the things I can't do right now, that's pretty much top.  That and going to the substation for my shift.  (And, truth be told, that's mostly for the cop gossip... grin.)

I went to the doctor, and he is pleased with the way the leg is healing up, and has giving me the rules for doing 'stuff', to wit:  indoors, I can walk without the boot.  Outdoors, or if I am carrying something (indoors or out), always wear the boot.  The boot is a support, so I can't say I don't like it, but it is a BEAR to get on and off.  It has about 6 big Velcro straps that want to catch on everything.  And if I am not paying attention, I get stuck on the blanket, try to walk, and one of two things happen, the blanket comes with me, or more likely, I am stuck in place, and have to unstick the darn thing!

Ok, I know not ALL guys have this attitude, (actually, Husband doesn't...), but what IS it about guys and farts?  I had to take Percocet.  I started having SEVERE problems with flatulence.  I mean, I was very glad we didn't have visitors, or open flame, (not in that order...)  I finally have been able to get to 'normal' and not have to take meds.  No more gas.

So, doctor asks if I have had any problems with the leg.  I said no, but I did with the meds, I had gas like crazy.  THE DOCTOR LAUGHS!  He laughs like I told a joke!  It reminded me of an 8 year old, with about the same level of sophistication...

And farting seems to be the comedy du jour of lots of the male species.  Doctor then said, well, you said you were oblivious, the farts shouldn't have bothered you... I then reminded him that Husband was NOT taking said meds, and it was bothering him a LOT.  This was greeted with even more merriment.  He did then settle down enough to tell me that it is one of the side effects, and should be fine when I stop taking the stuff.  And it is... But...

What am I missing?  What is the thing of farting being a laugh riot for some of the XY group?


  1. Hummmm...CityBoy uses the gastric by-pass surgery as an excuse for the farting....that was 6 years ago....shouldn't all the surgery gas be gone by now...?? Or is this just a guy thing...!!!


  2. Gosh, how long until you're all okay?

    Are you running out of needles?

    Men and farting... no I have no idea why it is so funny or why they like to blame the dog, cat or yourself.....

    I hope you are ready for real life soon and Rudee will be happy too!

  3. Well, my doctor (who is a woman and about 40 years old) would have laughed too. Glad you're feeling better!

  4. Do you really want the explanation?

    Okay, here goes.

    Scientists have researched, and found that humor is processed in a certain very primitive part of the brain in children. That's why bodily functions are so funny to them, it goes through the lower, non verbal portions of the brain.

    When women grow up, humor quits going through that section of the brain. We process it verbally.

    Men never lose it. Although it eventually gets to the higher, verbal section in them, humor still goes through the old pathway, the primitive way, first.

    Thus they find bodily functions and The Three Stooges funny, as well as stuff like "Dumb and Dumber". We usually don't.

    So, they are really just little boys grown too big to spank...;)

  5. messymimi:

    ROFL! I think it did get worked out in my husband's case, I must say it does seem to be an... Uncommon... event. (And the odd thing? I am not big on fart jokes, but I do like The occasional foray into The Three Stooges... But then, I used to watch them with my dad, which may explain more than I really want... Large grin...)


  6. You make me laugh. Merry Christmas to you and I hope you enjoy the holidays even with all that farting :) B

  7. Well my socks are still in 2 skeins packed in a box someplace in the basement!
    LOL about the guy thing. I think boys are born that way....or maybe your Doc went to the same camp my boys did, where the Director would talk about farts during Chapel. Yes... you heard me right! I'm not sure what he said, but evidently it did get the attention of 86 squirmy boys at the camp!

  8. Not only does my 3 year old daughter find flatulence hysterically funny, she's started blaming hers on her invisible pet platypus.
    "What's that awful smell?"
    "Perry farted!" [laughs so hard she falls off the couch]


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