Saturday, April 28, 2012

X and Y. Yep, a twofer.

(Due to yesterday's blog boo-boo, I will be posting both X and Y.  Enjoy...)

X is for Xenon Bulb.  Why Xenon?  Glad you asked...

Before the A to Z challenge, I started writing down ideas for each letter.  (I didn't use most of them, but that is a tale for another telling...)  Husband peeked over my shoulder, and asked what I was writing.  When I told him, he added some ideas.  Then I said, X.

He said, X-ray!  You could use the pictures we brought back about your leg...

I grimaced.  Good idea Hon, but I already used it. 

Oh.  Then he sat down, and scratched his chin for a moment. "Xenon bulbs."

Um. Well, that is indeed an X.  Why, though, that?

Because it starts with X...

So, X is dedicated to Husband, who is practical, yet comes up with bright ideas...


Y. You've got mail!  (Old school.)


  1. You are fortunate to have such a helpful husband.

  2. Xenon is one i wouldn't have thought of. Hooray for old fashioned mail, too!

  3. That bulb is cool, but it is hard to beat real real envelopes!


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