Thursday, April 10, 2014

H is for hand tools.

Husband and I have different ideas about doing projects.

I use a hammer.  He uses an air gun.  He likes things with motors, where I prefer tools that I control the speed, by how fast I move it.

When I first started spinning, Husband watched for a little bit.  He kept looking curious about it.  I finally asked what he was thinking.  "You could do that so much faster if there was a motor on it..."


Well, yes, I could.  But I actually enjoy doing the treadling.  Husband later bought an electric spinner, which I do like to use, but strangely, I don't enjoy it as much as the other.  Probably partly because it takes a bit to set up, where I can just sit down and start with my wheel, but it just seems like I am not really spinning.  Hard to explain, but the machine is doing the work, not me.  And I also use a drop spindle, now that I have found a new way to spin without it hurting my shoulder... Which is also extremely portable.

Husband likes to cut grass with a mower.  If it's a huge area, yes, I will agree.  But I like to use a scythe.  This has a great advantage.  I get exercise, it clears the grass quickly, and boy, when people see me walking out to the front, I get the most unique looks.  And I get to watch people go by REALLY fast...

But, I guess my favorite hand tool?  Knitting needles.  What else can I use to make something warm, scratch my back, or get something off a high shelf with one tool?

And the back thing can be very important!


  1. An electric spinning wheel... I can see where it would take the enjoyment out of it.
    I haven't knit anything in ages, but I still use my #10 long ones for various purposes, as well!

  2. Some things are better when hand crafted. And don't get me started on how impossible it is now to change your own flat tire, even when you know how and have the jack, tire iron, and spare, but they put the lug nuts on so tight with the stupid air machine that no mere mortal can get them loose!

  3. I had a similar experience in pottery class when we were forced to use electric pottery wheels instead of the pedal types that have been around for thousands of years.


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