Wednesday, March 09, 2016


List for today...

make bed
wash jeans
wash whites
wash towels
wash bed blankets 
wash couch blankets
feed animals
wash dishes
make dinner
empty and clean cat box
clean chicken house
put chips on mud in chicken yard
change sheets on bed
clean bathrooms
knit on socks
knit on fingerless gloves
finish baby blanket for charity

You know... That list doesn't look very long, but it seems like I still get pooped at the end of the day.
And I have now taken to splitting it into 2 days... Oh, well. It WILL get taken care of...  (Am I strange, I make lists, but don't feel guilty if it isn't all done after it's written?  I have friends that would kill themselves trying to finish it, because, by gum, it was ON THE LIST!)

We are due to have another storm move in, it's supposed to have rain, and wind with gusts to 40 or so.  I think the outside stuff will wait.  Somehow, flying chicken poo just isn't motivating me...

And a happy note... After chasing horses with the deputy, I decided to write him a thank you note.  I let him know 'the rest of the story', of who we think owns the horses, and what transpired after he left.

He was tickled, and happy to have received a note about what happened.  I didn't get to talk with him very long, as he was training a rookie deputy, but he still let me know it tickled him.

And that, boys and girls, tickled me!


  1. It's kind of fun to 'tickle' people, isn't it?
    About lists, ahem, I am a list maker, but consider them only suggestions(wink).

    1. Maybe that's my philosophy. It's stuff to do, but I have the OPTION of doing it...

  2. That looks like a very long list to me. You and I do a lot of the same things minus everything dealing with farm animal care. I, too have litter box duty. I am not doing any knitting right now and don't have your talent for it anyway. I am teaching computer classes so part of my day was working on lesson plans and Powerpoint slides.

    I make lists as well. I like to get through them but if I don' big deal, there is always tomorrow. If something happens tomorrow that I can't do it, either someone else will have to or they will have to wait for me to find the time.

    I love that you were nice enough to thank the sheriff. Thank yous seem to be rarer these days. I think people really do appreciate hearing a nice "thank you."

    1. I never know if it's long, since I do it most of the time... Ugh, COMPUTER STUFF. That is one of my personal rings of hell, thankyouverymuch. If I can convince the thing to work, I am happy. My computer keeps telling me I can upgrade my system. I like what I have now, why upgrade, says I?


    2. Sadly, companies such as Microsoft are intent on forcing us to upgrade. I like the previous versions of Windows before Windows 10 but they are discontinuing support on both XP and Vista. In time Windows 7 is also not going to be supported. It's maddening.

  3. It's great when you take time to recognize someone doing a good job. It happens so rarely; no wonder that deputy was tickled by your note. Good job.

    1. I am just glad I could show appreciation... And yes, it's sort of sad it doesn't happen more often.


  4. A list like that does need a couple of days, but at least if it's written down, you won't forget. Doing the outdoor stuff after the rain sounds smart.

    You've made that deputy into a friend for life, i'm sure!


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