Monday, April 04, 2016

C is for Cows.

This is the time when the neighbor moves his cows to the field in front of our place. 

I love it, it is a sure sign of spring here for me.  The cows, especially with new calves, are a neat thing to watch, from "Breakfast at the Udder Cafe'" to seeing how fast a calf can run.  They graze near the fences, and that attracts our llamas, who finally have figured out they don't have to stand there giving out an alarm call for several hours... Continually... 

The neighbor is finishing off the silage, so my sinuses are waaaay too cleaned out, at the moment... We just hope the next few days the wind is the OTHER direction!


C is also for Chick?  I can't take credit for this idea, but I did want to share.  This was the centerpiece of my egg tray at Easter.  It's a trifle smudged in the photo, but it was sitting up and surrounded by deviled eggs, and being oohed and aahed on by the attendees.  The actual directions called for olives for the eyes, but I wasn't about to open a can of olives for just the 2 little bits I'd need, so I used capers, instead.  Seemed to work fine, if a bit lighter than a normal baby chick's eye...

And now, may we have a moment of silence for the passing of... My favorite pair of jeans.  I have worked, and nursed, this pair, to the point they were rather thin.  Thinner than I thought, in fact, for as I was vacuuming, I felt a rip in the back.  And by the time I was finished vacuuming, so were my jeans, pretty much.  And, of course, that's when one of Husband's friends came over.  I prided myself on NOT turning my back on him the entire time I was talking to him!  

I have had this pair about 6 years, and the darn manufacturer doesn't make them anymore, that I can find, so this is goodbye. Sniffle...  Husband says I need to make them into short shorts.  I told him HE can wear them, if I do that.  But, they won't go to waste.  I am planning on taking the better part (near the knee areas), and making a shopping bag out of them, along with some other jeans.  

But darn it, they were just getting broken in!  Now they are just broken!!


  1. I would love that view of the cows with little calves. What a nice way to start your day. The only thing better would be having llamas. Funny about their "alarm calls".

    Cute idea for the chick deviled egg.

    That is sad about your favorite jeans. I am totally empathetic. I have enough trouble tracking down my size but when I do find a brand that fits, they invariably, discontinue the style
    when I go back to buy more.

  2. Is that chick egg not the cutest? I love it!

  3. I love your little devilled eggs! So cute!

  4. It's hard to give up a pair of jeans that you've worn like a second skin.

  5. i bet those little calves are adorable!
    and the chick was too. sorry for your loss - good jeans are hard to find! i'd like to see your jean bag when you're done!

    happy a to z-ing
    The Really Real Housewives

  6. Hello, cows! Good-bye, wonderful pants. Life is full of comings and goings, isn't it?

  7. That chick is adorable! Sorry about the jeans, but at least they didn't rip while you were out shopping :)


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