Sunday, January 08, 2017

New Year, Old Me. Or something like that.

The New Year is upon us!  Well, ok, it’s been upon us for a few days, but hey, I am not known for jumping right on things…

First off, I wish to send my belated condolences to Mr. Chatterbox.  It seems like 2016 was the time to lose family.  I hope all goes well, and that you can get all the details sealed up.  May all your memories be happy ones.

I haven’t written, because I have not been near the computer to speak of.  I can use the phone for a lot of things, but not blogging.  Perhaps if I were a Millennial, that can speed type with two thumbs, and can make the phone do all but make coffee…

But I have now made a spot (a real, you know, desk type spot!) to type with the computer.  It was going to be in my craft room, but I found that the area I had picked didn’t work.  So it’s now in the other room.  This all works out.  Except possibly for the fact the heat isn’t really great back here…


With the New Year comes resolutions.  I normally don’t make those.  This year, I have decided to try.  What’s the worst I can do, break them?


So, to that end:

1. Lose 5 pounds.  See, I figure, geez, 5 pounds in a year?  I should be able to do that.

2. Write my blog once a week.  I reserve the right to write much more, should I want.  I also reserve the right not to do the A to Z challenge, or do, depending on how chaotic life is at that time.  I have quit some groups and things that distracted me from writing, (No Nanowrimo, that I had planned on doing...), so we shall see what a revised activity level will do.

3. Lose more papers and junk in my craft room.  If I can remember how to up load the pictures from the phone, I will show you the before and after photos of what I’ve accomplished so far, with help from Husband and Family. (Trust me, envision an overflowing dump, and then lower it to a slightly stuffed living room, and you have the general idea.)

Not any earth shaking things, but we shall see what it adds up to at the end ‘o this year.
Hope all of you had a nice Christmas.  I had one gift that was a not quite Christmas gift, but was very nice, all the same.

I love Decaf Vanilla Tea.  To wit, I can get rid of a 20 count box in a week, if I am in a mood.  Well, the store I bought from regularly, quit carrying it. (This was back about August).  I asked if they could buy by the case, and get it that way.

Nope, not carrying, no special orders. Huh.

So, I went on the hunt for my tea.  I try to buy local, when I can.

Store A. Nope.

B. No.

C. Uh, tea?

D. Sure, if you contact Soandso who works the evening shift on Friday.

I call on Friday. Oh, he’s not working, can I take a message?  I leave a message.  Nothing.  Call again. Nothing. After the third time of leaving a message for this non-existent person, I gave up.

I started looking on line.  I mentioned this to my Mom, who said something about waiting ‘til the New Year.


About a week later, (see how quick I am about ordering stuff?), a box arrived for Husband.  I took it in the house and ignored it.  He comes home and hands it to me. “Open it.”


Inside was 6 boxes of tea.  Then I lifted up that, and there was ANOTHER six underneath!  So I am good for tea, for a bit.  And the funny thing, we think that we might be able to buy it locally, because the website he chose, was for the one local store I forgot to check.

And, I hope most all of you are doing well weather wise.  It is now breaking, sort of, but we had way low temps, (went almost to single digits...) then freezing rain, then snow, then freezing rain again.  It is now raining, which is sllllloooowwllly getting rid of the ice.  I have basically stayed in the house for about 2 days, Husband gingerly walking out to care for the animals.  I could probably do it, but he has much better balance than I do.  In fact, poor Rudee went out for a bathroom break, he walked very gingerly out, and his back feet slid out from under him a couple times.  He went potty, then walked gingerly back to the kennel, and glared at the ice.  We will all be much happier when it goes back to normal Oregon rain...


  1. Thanks so much for the condolences. I hope everyone has a peaceful and fulfilling 2017.

    1. I hope your year is filled with travel, art and blogs! :)

  2. Hi Cat, I was in the process of sending you an email (it will come after I leave this comment).

    I have gotten off to a slow start with my New Years resolve. I don't technically write down a list of things I want to accomplish but I do take the position that January 1 is a time to recommit to organizing and balancing my life. All this week I have been cleaning out closets and reorganizing spaces to make them more efficient.

    I would like to commit to a weekly post as well but between lack of inspiration and lack of time to draw my cartoons, it seems to be difficult to execute as of late.

    Decaf Vanilla Tea sounds good. I hate when I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a product and it goes MIA. Sometimes I can track it down other times not. McCormick seasoning had an Italian Seasoning blend called Mediterranean Sea Salt that disappeared and I haven't been able to find it. Obviously it was discontinued.

    Anyway...Glad you found your tea. I like just about any flavor of tea with the exception of some of the earthier (taste like I imagine my lawn would taste) green teas.

    Poor Rudy! I know your area has been getting a sh** load (meteorologist term) of snow. My son lives in Boise and can't seem to convince the city to stop snow plowing a mini version of Everest at the end of his driveway.

    1. Well, I figured with the small resolutions, and limited amount, I might have a fighting chance of following through, we shall see... eep.

      In my case, I don't put cartoons or pictures up regularly, so that part isn't a problem... But yes, your blog wouldn't be the same with no Crabby Pants!

      Teas can indeed have... unique tastes. A friend just RAVED about this tea, that I would love it, yada yada yada. So she brewed me up a cup. After politely gagging down a swallow, I asked her what it was. (She'd wanted to surprise me, first mistake...) It was peach cucumber green tea. I did not finish the cup... (GACK!!!)

      I did see some of the Sea Salt on line, if you want to try Googling it. Now, whether it's last of the stuff, or what, I know not...

      Yes, Rudee is doing ok, but I think he will much appriciate when all this nonsense is over with. It is raining, which has destroyed the ice, and is melting the snow, so far, so good. Then I read, snow predicted for Wednesday. Oh, joy...

      I have a relatives in Idaho, I keep wondering if they will be able to dig out by oh, July...

  3. No New Year's Resolutions for me, I should, I know, and try to keep them. It's too much like making plans ...
    Bless your husband, he is a keeper!
    Having a real cold spell, it should end in a day or too, I surely do hope so.

    1. I don't normally, but nothing has been normal for a bit, so why not? Like I said, the worst I can do is break the resolution... Heh.

      And yes, I do agree, I think I found a Sweetheart!

      I hope so, too. Rain is fine. Snow, not so much... Ice, NO.


  4. Hooray for tea, and easy to keep resolutions, and i hope your weather gets better soon. You know it's bad when the animals resent it.

    1. Yes, yes, and yes! I hope your weather stays okay, and no flooding when all this nonsense melts!
      And my animals are rather characters, so resentment, grumpiness, and general drama queen/king outlook is normal. I blame it on the owner...


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