Sunday, September 24, 2017

A blog. Really!


I think it’s about time I put up a blog again… I have been doing a lot, but for whatever reason, I haven’t sat down to write about it.  Well… That’s not entirely true.  I have sat down.  Then fell asleep.

Not so great for getting blogs finished.

Anyway, to catch all up.  Well, to catch you up on EVERYTHING will take a few blogs, but at least I can give you highlights…

Went to a poultry show.  It was fun, was offered a free goat.  I was tempted, then I started thinking, why would someone want to give me the goat FREE?  So, no, I do not have a goat.  It was a cute goat, though…

Missed the Perseid meteor shower, raining… It was the first one I missed since I got Rudee as a puppy.  Maybe that was a good thing.
Saw the eclipse, I will have to see if I can put up the pictures…  Husband noticed that we could see the eclipse on the ground, through the leaves of the trees.  So there were all these little crescents everywhere!

Dad and I went to faire.  I was on someone else’s gate list as an assistant.  Which consisted of me showing up with some chips and such for food, and then I was pretty much free to do as I wanted.  Said friend had her husband and daughter, so didn’t need a lot of help this year.
I was trying to decide this year if I was going to alter my character a bit.  My character is Cat Lacemaker.  Well, I do *knit* lace, but that wasn’t the way lace was made in the Renaissance, and I don’t know much on the topic of lacemaking with bobbins.  So, when someone (quite often who DID know), talked to me, I had to go on about it being a ‘guild secret’, and try to change the subject, whereupon, someone would usually make a comment about the store bought lace…  Sigh.
So, what to do?  I thought about the name Cat.  Cat, cat, cat… o’ 9 Tails.  Hmm.  Tails.  Tales? Stories?  Hmm.
So, I figured I would see if I got any signs that would be a good idea, when I was at faire.  I decided nine tails… No, Cat o’ Many Tales sounded good.  So, Dad and I wandered around faire, just taking in the sights, having a meal or two, generally just not rushing about, and enjoying faire.  I thought, Cat O’ Many Tales, maybe I could scare up some different tails to wear as an “ad” for my tale telling…  So I wandered over to say hi to my friend, then looked at the booth next door to hers.
A gal selling furs.  Pelts, ears, various bit and parts.  And a whole rack… Of tails!  She had horse tails, and zebra tails, and fox, and, and, and… Wow!  That seemed a good omen.  I hadn’t brought enough to purchase any at the time, but I took a card.

So, we were getting finished up with faire.  It’s not unusual for people to come up randomly and chat, and this was no different.  A huge guy came up, and asked Dad to tell him a story.*  Dad looked at me, and said, No, you want the daughter here, I’m not the storyteller.  So, I thought of a shorter story that I knew, and except for the wee mouse puppet getting snagged on my finger, I managed to get the story out without any huge hiccoughs…  Whereupon, the guy laughed uproariously, and hugged us both.

Yep, Cat O’ Many Tales is now a Ren Thing…

Mom had surgery for cataracts, so twice she had been at the hospital.  I surprised the nurse.  Mom had asked how her eyes looked, and I said, well, if I didn’t know you had one dilated, I would had said you had a bad concussion.  The nurse turned, looking rather shocked, and said something to the effect that that was indeed the way that looks, she was surprised I knew.  I guess I have studied first aid, and heard enough stories from several sources, to know… But it still threw her a bit, I think.  It’s probably not every day that someone comments about concussions, when one isn’t concussed…
I had a checkup, too, and all is well, and we shall leave it at that.  The less I need to go to the doctor, the better.

They have been painting and cleaning, and remodeling at the substation, and we volunteers and had some minor input.  I helped with getting some of the clutter and junk moved, and re-moved.  One of the other volunteers is setting up a play area outside of the new interview room, so when parents are being interviewed, the children have something to do. (Sadly, more of a problem than you might think.)
Ding has developed an odd habit.  We go to bed at night, and soon, I will hear thumps, then she mews, sings, yodels, and then some more thumping.  In the morning, I will find yarn skeins.  She doesn’t eat on them, she doesn’t tear them apart, she just pulls them to the doorway.  So we wake to several skeins on the floor.  As few as 3, once in a while, we have found 8 or 9…  So, after trying various ways, unsuccessfully, to stop her, I finally decided to use what she gave me for a project.  So, I knit the solid colors, and purl the variegated. 2 lines of each color.  So far, I have not run out… Moreover, I have not caught up with all of the “donations”.  But it is coming out pretty nicely, so when I finish, I will try and get a picture up.  I just then have to figure out what project to do next… Eep. I have yet to find the “no fetch” button on Ding yet!

Mom has finished with her eye surgery, and now can see at near 20/20.  She seems pleased, except she now says she can see all the dust in the house!

Oh, and we bought a new truck.  A 44 foot ladder truck from the local fire department.
More about that next blog.

* The general thought was the gent wanted a story, because he was upset about something he'd heard on the news.  However, alcoholic lubrication might also have been a possibility.   


  1. Alcohol lubrication always puts me in the mood for a good story.

  2. You have managed to make me laugh, sigh, and become speechless all in one blog!

    The goat may have been good looking, but i agree that any animal being given away free needs to be examined more closely (unless someone unexpectedly ends up with a pet littering, then i know they have to rehome the babies).

    Cat O' Many Tales is perfect, and with the alcoholic lubrication that goes on sometimes you may get that reaction from adults frequently. The youngsters i am betting are going to love following you around for stories.

    Ding is hunting to provide for you in the only way she can indoors. You may have to start locking up your yarn and put some rubber mousies on the shelf.

    That's great news about your mom, and in your line of work with safety and security people i'm not surprised you have had intensive first aid training. It's also common to not see the dust until you put on the glasses or have such surgery. Call it an unpleasant side effect!

    The fire truck purchase still has me speechless, so i am looking forward to your next installment!

  3. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Excellent! You always have the best stories!! Very sorry to have missed you and Faire this year, but very happy your Mom's surgery went well and without a hitch. :) Pat

  4. Almost gave up on you, haha. Your mom will eventually ignore the dust ...


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