Monday, January 24, 2022

14. "Where's the creamy filling?"

 Was sitting on the couch, reading, figuring out what I needed to do today, when...

Scritch! Crackle!! Scritch scritch, squawk!

And it was coming from the fireplace. Ding had to investigate!

She was intent on the window.  I sighed, it was a bird, again.  

I let Husband know. We sat down, and waited for the bird to work its way down to the stove. 

Poor Ding, the bird would make a noise, she launch to the fireplace.  Then it would stop, she'd get bored, wander off. Then scritch, scritch, and ZOOOOM, back to the window and see if she could see what was making the noise.

Pretty soon, about maybe a half hour or so, scritch, crunch, POOF!! And lots of squawks. Our bird had arrived! And guess who wanted a front row seat! 

(The bird is to the left in the window.) 

Having done this a few times, Husband and I have it down to a near science. Lights off, blinds closed, open door, and I grab Ding, put her in the bedroom, grab a sheet, and hold it up in the side area, so the bird doesn't see a second exit. 

So Husband opens the fireplace door, fooosh goes the bird back outside, and then I let Ding out. She runs to the fireplace, and keeps checking it out. She KNOWS there was a bird!!! I gave her some treats, so she at least knows she was doing good kitty stuff.

She is going to power sleep later!!!


messymimi said...

Is there any kind of grating or screen you can put over the outside vent of the woodstove to keep the birds out and save them from themselves?

Poor Ding, she does her best.

Cat said...

That's the screwball thing, we HAVE a cage over the top, and a cap, so they shouldn't be able to get in. But, they do. So we just try and get them back OUT, quickly as possible!
And yes, Ding was doing her best high intensity kitty impression. Not bad for a cat raised by a couple dogs...

Retired Knitter said...

I had to laugh at your post. We have a similar on going experience in our family. Probably 8 years ago, our cat Wally, like to sit in our TV stand - it is an oak wood piece of furniture with 2 large cabinet doors under the TV for storage. Except we didn’t store anything there because Wally liked to sit in there and we would leave one of the doors ajar so he could get out when he wanted.

One time my son’s English Bull Dog, Rags, came to visit and he walked into the living room - Wally was under the TV hidden but apparently Rags got wind of Wally there and charged the cabinet doors - to play - but still - bull dog play is quite vigorous - cat play is not. Wally busted out the side cabinet door, jump in the air onto the couch - front and back feet leaping high in the air and charge right into the bedroom which is gated off for the cats. Serious, Wally was flying and his feet hit the floor - NEVER!

Wally is gone now about 3 years. BUT every time Rags comes for a visit he charges the cabinet doors EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. We prepare for it now, by keep the doors open when Rags is expect! We still can’t store anything in there because Rags must do his check of that area before he can settle. Meanwhile we are all laughing because he apparently is a dog of little brain. He found something in the cabinet only ONCE - but he has checked probably 50 times. haha!

Cat said...

Ding had been checking the stove every once in a while, but is losing interest, I think, since there is no noise or motion. Maybe she should explain this to Rags? ;)