Saturday, January 28, 2023

1. Blog? Oh, right... Blog!!

Looking at my last blog, it was well before Christmas. Wow! Nothing like putting things aside!!  :P

Christmas was fairly quiet, after some confusion on who all might be showing up.  We'd talked about a few family members that we could invite.  But after illnesses, (theirs), finding out where FIL was going to be, and what we were going to make/have for dinner, it seemed like it took a while to get it organized. But, it ended up just being my parents, Husband, and me, so it was less chaotic than I expected... 


FIL was going to move back with us.  SMIL has been going way downhill both physically and mentally, and he could no longer care for her.  Her daughter found a nice memory care place for her, and so FIL was itching to move. He had been in the place he was in more as a stopgap, not because he particularly liked it. Now he, and her daughter go visit SMIL, I think it works out for everyone.

We were concerned, because he has some pretty bad physical problems of his own. Husband finally had a heart to heart talk about the fact we'd try and help him, but neither of us were medical, and if he fell, and we were in town, or it was at night, he wasn't going to be getting help directly, because we might not know about it, and being rural, it might take a while for an ambulance. (This sort of happened when he was with us last time...) 

So, Husband and FIL started talking, and FIL ended up getting an apartment at one of the places he'd been at before, just at the other end of the complex. We helped move him this week, and he's now ensconced, moving the various boxes and bits to fit what he wants.  He even has a patio, now, so he is quite pleased, from what I can tell.

I have been in physical therapy for a bit. I had lots of problems with my knee, and so finally broke down and got some help. It was getting to the point where I would do something, maybe an hour or two on my feet, the rest of the day would be with my leg out straight, trying to get it to stop throbbing with pain.  

I lucked out, and have an awesome PT gal, she is running me through different exercises that are loosening the muscles, where I'm not basically stomping as I walk. I didn't realize this, but after getting to where I don't, it's the difference of night and day.  She's pleased with how I'm doing, I feel better, hey, win-win!!!

I have been making some changes in my eating habits, and trying to get more sleep. Oddly, as far as the sleep, giving up the news has helped. I check my phone for updates, but have decided that continual 'full meal deal' watching of the news just angers and depresses me. ( I was a total news junkie, wanting to watch several times for different perspectives and info, so it's been sort of hard, but worth it.) So, I try and check on important topics to me, and listen on the radio occasionally, but not having multiple hours of it on, has been good for me. 

I've been using the time to catch up on reading, or crafting. Right now it's a sweater I'm making for myself, and a pair of socks. The reading has been various magazines and such I have been "meaning to get to", along with a book or two. I will work on the books a bit more intensively when I get the magazines and papers down.  Those things can stack up quickly! 

Along with taking parents about when they need, my shopping, (easier and less confusing when I shop separately), and just plain old house work and such, I just... been doing! So, I hope this finds my blog friends well, and I hope this year is a good one! 


messymimi said...

Happy New Year! It's good to hear from you.

I'm so glad you and your husband were able to work everything out for the best with his father and stepmmother.

It's smart to give up the "around the clock" news habit. When Headline News Network first came out, it was just the news delivered every half hour, updated if anything new happened since the bottom or top of the hour. I figured, "It's just the news, leave it on," and it was on all day and depression set it. The negativity was overwhelming.

I hope you have a wonderful year and check in with us once in so often, it's cheering to read what you are up to.

Cat said...

Thank you! Yes, as I've watched less news, I have most definitely felt less stressed. And I will try and get on blogging a bit more... :)