Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Quiet day, mostly.

Yesterday, I watched one of my mysteries. I was up in time to watch 2 of them, but one was a repeat, and they're 2 hours long! 

So, I figured, I will get some chores out of the way. I fed, did a few dishes, vacuumed. 

Did I mention that I hate glitter?  I found glitter in the carpet STILL, from Christmas stuff I had out in December. YEEESH!!!

So, I keep cleaning and hoping I can get rid of that crap. It usually goes away... 

Near Christmas... Sigh. 

Cleaned my husband's bathroom, it was very... Not good. But cleanser, elbow grease, and the washing machine got it presentable again.

And then I watched my mystery. I knew EXACTLY who the killer was. Absolutely had to be him...


The killer was her. And her kid... And I even registered a couple of the clues that would have led me to them. 

Too busy chowing down on red herrings, I guess. 

But I did get some more crochet finished. But I didn't get my Miss Marple merit badge today!

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