Monday, March 04, 2024

??... !... Oh.

 Wanted to work on a sock, had  not been doing any socks for some time. 

Finished the leg, (I work top down), and started working on the heel. On my foot, 32 rows, then turn the heel. 

I set it all up, and start. Reduce, reduce, reduce... Why is this going at an angle? I counted the stitches on each side, one had 3 left, the other, 10. Huh. Noooo. 

Tink, start again. Reduce, reduce, reduce... What??!?? It happened again. That doesn't make sense. 

Tink, start again, slowly watching and counting. Grr.  It started AGAIN. What is the problem? 

Tink back to the heel, and very carefully count. It is a bumpy, fuzzy yarn, so I had to go over it carefully to get a count...

It is supposed to be even 15, or whatever, on both sides. I checked again...

Yep. 14 on one side, 17 on the other. 


After getting the silly thing even, it worked much better... 

And I am so far enjoying The Friday Night Knitting Club, with the minor exception that there are quite a few characters, so I have to think which who is that with what is going on. But very good!

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