Tuesday, April 16, 2024


 If they had that as a kitty emoji, it would be even more accurate. I got up and exercised in my craft room. Nothing unusual about that, except Ding can't come in there for a bit, as I am growing seeds on the window sill.  

Next thing, Husband goes in and takes a shower. Poor Ding was running back and forth, trying to get to one of us. She normally has free reign wherever, so I think it freaked her out.

I haven't figured out if she was frightened, or what, but she was vacuum packed to us,  mostly me, the rest of the day. She's zonked out on my lap, at the moment, after pushing over my phone a few times when I wasn't paying attention to her. 

For anyone who said cats are aloof and uncaring, I have another emoji.

🙄 Riiiiiiiiight... 

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messymimi said...

Some cats are more expressive of it than others, but all of them do care about us and are very in tune with our emotions and how we are doing.