Thursday, April 25, 2024

Worth it!

 I slept well, thankfully (pre-ten thankful?), and wanted to finish the job I'd started, before the rain came. I zipped outside, and got mowing. 

I had finished the one side, but needed a bit of Husband's help, I am still not quite strong enough, lifting things. So he lifted up some panels we use to block chickens from visiting the garden uninvited, and I cleared the last big section I hadn't finished. 

It was a long L shape, and the grass was nearly past my knee. 

This was a job for... 

Well, me. And Maple, my trusty lawnmower. Maple, because it was built in Canada, and I prefer the name Maple to Tim Horton. Meh. 

Anyway, I had the bag on, and I had a LOT of clippings to put in the composter. I filled the one, it was a worm bin, but it was too cold one season and I lost the worm batch.  The soil is excellent, though. Poor worms... I also have another composter, I will empty in planter pots, and fill with clippings. But I had to get the clippings, first. 

I found out we had a rodent convention in the main part of my garden, gophers and voles. Probably mice, too, but I don't know. I just know there were dozens of holes! BAH! 

BUT, it is finished, the mowing part. I need to trim, I need to clean out the raised beds. But for now, I am pleased. And very, VERY wiped out. 

I think I will do something constructive while it rains. Like reading a book. Or writing a letter.  Just not quite so much brute force involved! ; )

The foreground is the mown section, for context, the grass removed looks like what is in the raised bed, center back. And the tarp is holding all that lovely soil to be, grass clippings!

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messymimi said...

Heeheehee! Maple over Tim Horton. You're killing me.

Congratulations on all the work done and yes, rainy days are for less strenuous exertions.