Saturday, June 15, 2024

10 simple thankable things.

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In no particular order.

1. Good weather. It makes it much easier to get things done. Especially outside!

2. Clouds. They are fascinating to watch, and quite often keep me from roasting when outside.

3. Trees. Trees are even more effective on keeping me from roasting, as they don't wander away! They also smell good...

4. Cats. Well, pets. They don't ask for much, and they are generally loving and loyal. Okay, chickens might be a bit on the yeah, whatever side, but they still ran to the fence to be fed when I could get out to see them after my surgery. And Ding is quite often talkative when I have been gone, almost chastising me for being so tardy.

6. Blankets. I find that being wrapped in a blanket is almost like a warm embrace, especially on a cold morning. Sometimes that makes me less inclined to start the day, but it's still nice. 

7. Hummingbirds. They are the Cirque du Soleil of the bird world to me. Husband says they are little fan dancers. Either way, they are beautiful, brilliant colored little artists, with outsized courage, and an appetite to match! 

8. Yarn. (You knew I had to put that one in.) It just seems so neat to take a bunch of yarn, and with the right pattern, you can make almost anything you can wear. Or play with. Or protect your table. Or warm your bed... You get the idea. 

9. Learning. Or relearning. I haven't ridden a bike in /// years. Husband bought me one, and is going to the trouble of being my training wheels, so to speak, since I have to relearn balance, pedalling, all that good stuff...

10. My family. I admit to not being closely related to the bluebird of happiness. But my family supports me, tries to help any way they can, and as a rule, are just there when I need them. Even when I am not sweetness and light about things. 

So, thanks. A lot. ❤️


messymimi said...

That's a lovely list.

Kristi said...

Your lists brings a peaceful, cozy feeling. Have a good week!

clark said...

Surely this is the best part of the year. (We're trying to provide for our local hummingbirds but they seem to only visit our feeder on, like Saturdays! Stays full if red sugar water all week leading to the weekend).