Monday, June 17, 2024

Need to write it down.

 Made my Dad lasagna for dinner. 

I pulled out my recipe book... And set it aside. Oddly, I do use a recipe in the book. 

Just not the food portion. 

I made up my own variation of a lasagna, and everyone seems to like it. But I've not written it down. I suppose I should, especially if I take it to a group get together or something. But I just zip zip zip, slap a piece of tinfoil on it and ta da, dinner!

But oddly, I have to look at the recipe for the time and temperature to bake. 

It always seems to work, so, I continue to make it that way. 

But I think I will try and write it down, and make a few copies...

(Dad enjoyed it, so it was a success...) 


1 comment:

messymimi said...

If you have a fast and easy lasagna recipe, I'd like to see it.