Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Tomatoes and fencing, and other garden-y stuff..

 Husband helped me get mulch on the last big raised bed. Then he set up 3 "fences" for my tomatoes. Basically, instead of huge fluffy bushes, I hope to tie the branches back, in an espalier type arrangement. Which, if I understand it, lets more light in, allows for bigger tomatoes, and possibly isn't quite as heavy. It will also hopefully be easier to pick! 

I finished mowing my garden area. It takes me two days, but I am able to get it all. After I mowed, I put in tomato plants, and a few other bedraggled nomads hanging out in my green house. Not all of them, but there are fewer to plant tomorrow! 

Then I watered. I have been checking, the newspapers and heavy mulch have made the watering much less intensive. It's still moist, where the soil could be so dry it would crack, before. 

After that? I went in the house and rested! I am so happy about my ankle, but I'm still getting in shape... 


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messymimi said...

It sounds like you're doing fabulous, steady work and it's helping the ankle. That's a good thing, as are home grown tomatoes.