Monday, December 03, 2007

One down, two to go.

This morning started out interestingly. She of the 20/roadkill eyesight looked out the window, to see if we had any big branches down. I didn't have my glasses on. There was one HURKING HUGE limb out there. I quickly ran in and grabbed my glasses, so as to see where that limb had come out of the tree.

Then I looked again, and the "limb" got up. And started eating the lawn. Damnable deer, anyway. But as for the trees, lots of moss down, some small branches, but nothing exceptional. I skipped spinning. I have to cross at least one river, and it's about a 45 minute trip. I decided I would stay home, where I wouldn't have to worry about getting back.

So. I crocheted a border on a blanket for my Goddaughter.

(It is a Christmas present, but she is only 2, so I don't see her hacking Dad's computer for her gift file... Yet.)

I am also knitting this


And this


But the folk I am knitting this for, MIGHT be and see, so those are place markers. Pictureation, after Christmas.

Well, hmm. It's getting windy and rainy again. It was windy and rainy for the commute to work, and now, the redux.

Glad I stayed home.

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