Friday, June 06, 2008

Semi-decompress for a minute...

Well, I have been busy! One of my friends had a stroke, and is now in the hospital, fighting with the therapists (he has never been known for his demure manner), one of my other friends is in surgery today for prostate cancer, Mom will be going in for surgery this week for a knee replacement, (not the standard one, she has lots of 'stuff' going on in her leg, struts, wiring, screws, that the doctor will have to work around), and in-laws are here, working on a party boat that they want to sell.

(Re-reading the above paragraph, did I just make my Mom's leg sound like a 50's Oldsmobile?)

I on the other hand, have just been on the go, went to Seaside, went to give blood, just on the go, and I am TIRED. This is the first day, (so far, anywho), that I don't have to jump and run to go somewhere! I have wanted to work on the garden. Well, I finally got a chance today, I worked on it, oh, about a week or two ago, and got about half of the rows worked on, today, I finished the rows, and planted corn. (We shall see, I suppose getting them in June, will sort of put it in the close call catagory, I don't know if it will do the "knee high by Fourth of July", but we can hope. If not, there's always the Farmer's Market...) I also planted watermelon, and eggplant. They are close together, I keep wondering if I will end up with eggmelon, or waterplant... I have all of my tomatoes, (14 Brandywines, 4 Beefsteak, and 2 cherry tomatoes), in the ground, so what did I hear on the news this morning? Hail.

Oh, joy...

I also have been trying to do myself damage, right before Seaside, I dropped a full container of peanut butter on my foot. Bruised up just like when the llama stepped on it. So, I have managed TODAY, to drop boiling water on the same foot. Husband has suggested I need steel-toed house slippers... I am not so sure he isn't right! I am doing ok, there was only a minor first degree burn, so I am not going to worry about it, but I sure wish I could figure out why the universe is against my foot being healthy.

I have lots of pictures and stories from Seaside, both in and out of the hamfair. But, I think I will quit while I am ahead, and work on it later. In fact, probably will split it into a couple blogs. I will have pictures, too. Here's a nice teaser. YES, rode on it, NO, won't have a picture for you here.

I think I am going to go work on a cup of tea. And perhaps a cookie. And hopefully not drop either on my foot. L*rd help me, I might even tempt fate with some knitting.


  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Be careful and use the dullest needles possible!! Hope you get a breather soon.


  2. It was nearly so, my SECOND dullest? Anyway, no more mishaps, so far... Husband has given me the threat that I will have all pointy objects removed if I keep it up... (Uh, oh...) However, non sequitur, hot water is NOT pointy!


  3. Ouch! Poor foot! Let us know how your mom's surgery went. Eggmelon...funny. Wishing for no hail, and no more injuries for you. Have a great day!

  4. Will do. So far, no hail, but the snow level just dropped another big lot. It is June, right? I keep hearing about the 100+ degree temps on the east coast, and keep wondering if spring will get here, let alone summer! (Yes, I am sure I will regret that outburst come about mid August...)



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