Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ahhhh, Yamhill. Uh, I mean, Seaside!

Heading off for the family trek to the Ham (Amateur) Radio gathering at Seaside. We will, of course be headed off on a side trip to Yamhill...

And, because I took a picture of Lewis and Clark with a sock last year, I decided I would start a tradition, if I can. Both of them will have socks this year, however.

BUT, the socks will be finished. We shall see what transpires. (Yarn Harlot, see what you started?) Who knows, I might even start a pair of socks for the specific purpose of picture taking. But I really need to start on hats, it is June, and I have promised 50 or so to a charity. Um. I have 4 finished, and about 3 on the needles. Eeep. Click, clickity, click! (It's a long car ride to Seaside, so I think I might be able to whip a few more out... )

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