Monday, June 30, 2008

Seaside, Part 2. Finally...

Well, the Sunday went well, but still didn't win anything, I seem to be the Susan Lucci of the Radio winnings world. But, there were some friends I saw, got a few little goodies, and then we went out to conquer Seaside... Where I got the bright idea, oh, I will just carry my camera ON, so I can catch 'spontaneous' shots...

This is a 'spontaneous' shot where my knee hit the button. It's the seawall, if you can't figure it out from the goofy angle...

I much prefer this spontaneous, however INTENTIONAL shot, of a volleyball game.

It was about 68 or so on the coast, so we were actually seeing not too many coats, and even shorts on one or two people. Lots of digging by little ones, but surprisingly, very few kites this time. Sometimes there are kites that, I kid you not, look like huge butterflies, or dragons, and have multiple strings, and rigging for the kite flyer to wear.

Dad even had to rescue one, about 2 years ago, as it was a, oh, I would guess, 90 lb. kid, and the wind picked up, he was yodeling for help, and being dragged forward by the force of the wind. Dad is NOT 90 lbs., and was able to stop him, so the kid could land the kite. I began to wonder if said kid would have ended up in Washington somewhere, as fast as he was going! But there were lots of games, a few picnics, and the occasional sand castle.

We went to the Turnaround, and I decided to take a picture of Lewis and Clark for Posterity... I took this, while about 8 or so bikers looked on, saying, HURRY UP! We want to take a picture! That was followed by, What ARE you doing? (Dad, the tall person of the family, obliged putting sock on the arm. I was the artistic direction, and camera operator.)

Who, me? Just thought Lewis might want something stylish for his wardrobe. Heck, it IS wool... I know, it is also a sock, and unfinished, but hey, you can't have everything. And they didn't have TV or a warm hotel room to pass the winter in, so they might have appreciated a nice pair of wool socks.

(Considering all the walking they had to do, and I read they had to throw away some of their clothing after the winter was over because it had molded, I think they could have USED some new socks...)
Then we walked past the shops. I had to take this picture of cooling fudge. I was very, very, VERY hard pressed to keep walking. It wouldn't have take much of a tracker to figure out where I'd gone, just follow the saliva trail...

I wanted to take a picture of the taffy machine working at one of the other stores, it has been pulling taffy since around 1930, but wouldn't you know, they had it off that day. I was a good kid, I didn't get anything much.


Except for a few things at the aptly named "The Buzz" candy store, where you can get all sorts of little things from childhood. I have a soft spot for Flicks chocolate drops, Chocolate Sixes, and Chicken Bones. All of which I bought. Plus a few other things. Hey it only filled a half gallon jar, and I didn't eat it... All...

Last thing we do before we leave Seaside, is ride the carousel. We keep waiting for the operator to shoo us away, (neither Dad nor I are svelt...), but they just laugh, and offer me a step stool. I can't imagine why, I just look like I am trying to use a slip 'n slide off a sheer cliff. I get on one animal, usually the kitty, Dad gets on the other aside me, and off we go. I don't know how many little ones are really confused about these great big people riding with no little ones around, but we do. The animal survives, again, (the poor kitty I rode this year had a chipped ear, though... NOT my fault!) and so, we bid a fond farewell to Seaside.

Until next year.

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