Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sigh. Yes it's bad. Whimper...

This is Wednesday, right? Snort. I have had a horrible week. I told you I was going to ride Old Hippie? My Doctor said he wasn't sure that was a good exercise for me. Turns out, he might be right. One knee LOVES it, the other knee felt like I'd stabbed it with a pencil, which was a much nicer feeling than my ankle, with my arthritis acting up. That I would say, oh... How about a sharp knife out of the dishwasher?

I hurt so bad I didn't exercise. (Not an excuse, just relating facts for the following.) I had not snacked much, (which is a real surprise, as I baked cookies for two events. I have had ONE cookie. It helps when you can bake stuff you don't care for... I did want to try the cookie, as I had tried a variation on a recipe. It worked. Still don't like the cookies. Others do, so it's a win-win, right?) But salt seems to be my down fall. Husband even mentioned that he had been drinking more water. So, I guess it's not just me. Or it is me, but not entirely. (I have an image of the Foster Farms chickens... Sigh, again...)

I knew I'd blown it this week, so I will just post it now, be done with it.

Gained 2.8 pounds.

This kind of week tends to make me wonder, why bother. I would suppose that's when it's most important to work on it... The really, really screwy thing about it, though, my pants are fitting me all right. I gain weight, I usually end up being cut upon my belly. I don't have "fat pants", what I have is what I have, so if I gain or lose, I can usually tell. But not so much, right now. I get this image that I am gaining in my feet, and will have to go buy size 15 shoes or something...

I have been reading other blogs, and I need to get myself some education... People have a list of knitting they've accomplished for the year, weight loss or gain, places they have been, etc., and it's as a side bar of the blog. I find this really neat, and would love to do that on mine for my projects, and my 'scale days', (well, not so much today, but you get the idea), but I will have to peruse Blogger stuff to find out how. Or con some unsuspecting person to tell me how. Or see if my super tech geekophile BIL knows. When I can catch him. Truckers have this strange habit of being on the go all the time... Can't imagine why.

So, I will just have to figure out if the salt is the culprit, try and figure out what to do about moving and doing SOMETHING, and see what next week holds.

Pbbbbt. Ok, I am going to go have a (fat free) pity party now. Grumble...

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