Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pantless in Portland.

I'd heard about this riding public transportation sans pants before, but finally had some pictures... I keep wondering if the gal in photo #12 is wearing hand knit socks.

(Which probably shows where my mind is, am I thinking about the legs, no... I am thinking that it would be cold, so they should be wearing warm, handmade, preferably wool, socks!)

I would probably not participate, blue with goosebumps isn't a good color on me...

But it does look like it could be fun.


  1. Brrr. I think I prefer to wear pants AND a nice pair of warm hand knit socks.

  2. Huh. I rode from Hillsboro to Beaverton that day, and I didn't see anything but people wearing raincoats and glum expressions.

    They had trousers on underneath the raincoats, otherwise they would've been reported as perrrrrverts. We suburbans had /no/ sense of humor, especially in the a.m.

  3. Amy:
    Oh, yeah. I don't even wear shorts in HOT weather, so shorts, or undies in less than 40 degrees?

    Not gonna happen...


  4. Merry:

    Yes, I suppose that would be another consideration, forgot it was raining off and on that day...

    But yes, I think most of the folk were wearing some sort of nether gear, if for no other reason than public indecency laws... I keep wondering if I'd notice, I am sooo brain dead in the mornings. Oh, that person has no pants. Hmm. Tea. Must have tea, worry about pantlessness later... (grin)



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