Thursday, September 16, 2010

I haz a happy... award!

Chai Chai gave me an award, and this is the first chance I've had to sit down and show it off...

(Have to put it on the main blog later, but here it is...) 


The rules are that I have to say why I blog, how I choose topics, and, of course, passing on the award.

Ok, why I blog

Because it's there. 

Oh, that's already been taken, so I guess I will have to try again.  I started blogging because I found I preferred typing out my thoughts, and that I might be able to share my thoughts with a few friends that I knew were online.  After making a deal with my husband about what could, and could not be shared, (mostly having to do with basic safety, no house address, that sort of thing), I started. 

Since then, I have blogged, because I enjoy writing (still), I enjoy the comments from others, and I feel I have a wider circle of friends than I might have had otherwise.  (Even if I've not met all of you, I feel that your blogs give me a peek into your life...)  And blogging allows me to try different ideas about things, and get perspectives that I might not have had, just talking to local folk.  Not that there is anything wrong with local folk, but sometimes you need someone outside your comfort zone...

  How I choose topicsURK!  Uh...  Well, most of the time, it's something that has happened in my day that I have found funny, strange, annoying, or simply unusual (for me, anyway.)  Occasionally, it's a topic by some other person that I found interesting, (and I try to always attribute, other people need readers, too!), and there are occasions that, if my life depended on it, I couldn't give you the faintest clue why I wrote a blog. 

I have a "soup to nuts" blog, so while I try to have specific items on some days (Scale day on Wednesday, and Sunday Supplement, with just a nice pic of the week, usually), it might be about what's going on at the substation, what I've been knitting, what the animals have been up to (especially if it's no good...), family 'stuff', gardening, heck, one of the most read blogs seemed to be during my trip to see Tom Petty, and when I fell while walking, and Rudee was discovered not to be Lassie Incarnate.  So, to sum up, a topic is chosen because it's something I want to write about...

And finally, passing on the award.

Life with Jack and Jill (She is one who is a slice of life blogger, I see so many similar things we do!)

Desert Canyon Living, (be sure to check her Wednesday book readings!)

messymimi's meanderings, (ignore the boring part, I love her blog!)

Sooo, I think that covers the rules, I now haz a star on my blog!  (I have been reading waay too much I can has Cheezburger lately...)


  1. Thanks Cat! I will put mine up as soon as I can remember how I got the others up!
    Yep, you had me spell bound with the Tom Petty blog! I like all your blogs, you are a very good writer and you have me "there" with you!

  2. Congratulations on your award!!

  3. Congratulations for the award. I enjoyed reading about your reasons for blogging. Then imagine my surprise, when I saw I got it too! I am so glad you enjoy my book "reviews." I may have to skip the books this coming week b/c of my accident -- doctors and such. And I just can't seem to unscramble my brain. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  4. Sharon, Feral Female, and Canyon Girl:

    Thank you, and thanks for reading, hopefully I will 'get on the stick' a bit more soon...



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