Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The case of the Problematic Prints. reverb 26

(Oh, I lost .4 of a pound this week.  I'll take it!)

Got up for my walk this morning, and before I do, I feed. 

I went to put food in the cat's dish, turned around, and saw tracks.  Rudee has been sniffing about in one corner of the pole barn, so I knew SOMETHING was there.  I suspect that several of the 'catfights' that Tux had been in, might not have been with another cat. 

So.  I look, and there are these brilliant white footprints on the pallet.  (We feed the dog on the pallet.)  The tracks are white because we have some clay type stuff that when wet, makes a white track.  The dog and cat know enough to stay out of it. 

Sometimes, I do, too. 

Obviously, the raccoon doesn't care.

The little wet tracks are from Buzz.  The big white ones are from, we suspect, a raccoon. 

This is not good.  Raccoons eat chickens.  Raccoons eat cat food.  Raccoons eat dog food.  Raccoons fight with smaller animals.  Raccoons are a big pain in the butt.  The neighbor had a pet raccoon, didn't want it any more, and released it.  I wonder if that might be said critter. 

So, Plan A, get a "Havaheart" trap, see if we can catch it, and take it to the woods waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay away from here, and release.

Plan B.  Uh.  Sure.  We will get a Plan B... Soon.  

I want it gone for a second reason, our cats and dogs have been vaccinated for it, but raccoons can carry rabies.  Don't want to deal with that.  At all. 

Fun, oh, joy.  Dealing with ticked off cats isn't fun, a ticked off raccoon will be even more fun.  Thank G*d for Welding Gloves and heavy jackets...

News as events warrant.

Prompt: Soul food. What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?

Ok, we are going include 'drink' in this, as it wasn't a food item, but a beverage. 

After going to the concert, I'd told Husband that I had a Thermos of hot water and some tea for breakfast in the morning for me (he doesn't like tea).  I think I slept about 4 hours...  I awoke, at the break of dawn, grumbled slightly about this fact, and then dressed and went to the restroom to do the morning abolutions. 

I managed to get the hair in some sembalance of order, face washed.  I was almost presentable to the human race again, walked back to the truck. 

Sitting on the picnic table was my tea.  Finished.  Sitting next to it, was Husband.  He looked up, and said, thought that you might like tea to start to your morning.  We sat quietly, my drinking tea, Husband rubbing my back, listening to the quiet of a morning, (and several people PROFOUNDLY snoring), and watched the sun rise over the camp.  I finished my tea, and he went to the truck and poured me another cupful, with a fresh bag.  We talked over the plans for the morning, and listened to birds start the day. 

Tom P. is cool, but he is no match for my Husband.


  1. Raccoons took out my entire chicken flock, 2 separate times. They also killed my kitty and my neighbors small dog. I do NOT like raccoons. I wish you the best of luck with getting ride of the fellow. I trap and get ride of a few raccoons each year.
    Your tea moment is very sweet, what a great guy.

  2. I really hope you can trap the raccoon and get it away from your place! Where did your neighbor get off that he could just let it go? Raccoon, although cute a heck, should never be kept and then let loose on unknowing strangers, after they get used to having people around.

    Can I borrow your husband for a year or so - to teach DH how to treat a lady?

  3. No man can match a Husband who would do that. He's set the bar impossibly high.

    Raccoons do not make good pets, and will cause huge amounts of damage. Yes, trap and relocate.

  4. We had a chow that like to take on opossums (and win) but never raccoons.

    That's one guy hubby, you got there.


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