Monday, January 24, 2011

Movies for fun and learning, reverb 24

Good day from Hepzibah Catherine Marielle Funk, The Lady Formerly known as Cat. 
At least today! 

(LOOOOOVE it!!!)

Watched two movies this weekend, on opposite ends of the spectrum.  On the fluffy end, was Tooth Fairy, with Julie Andrews, and The Rock.  Complete and total fluff, just a fun bit of mind candy.  The Rock sure can act, he emotes straight from A to B...  Ahem. 

Then Mom and I went to see "The King's Speech".  Wow.  No. Let me rephrase that.


I am not going to go into a full fledged review tonight, possibly more later, but if you get the chance to see it, GO!  Do not walk, RUN

The actors were amazing.  But I must say, there is one scene that just tickled me, it was so "British" in reaction.  The King and Queen show up at the house of the man that is helping the king.  The wife is gone for the afternoon, and returns early. (The husband hasn't told the wife that he's assisting the king with his speech problem.)  The poor wife walks in on the queen, in the woman's kitchen.  After a bit of protocol addressed to the wife, and the husband coming out with a "gee honey, I'm helping the king out, could you be a sport about it" attitude, the poor wife just looks absolutely shocked, and asks... If they are staying for dinner. 

I have no idea why this amused me so, except that I could sort of see something like that in my house... My husband, as far as I know, however, has no work set up for the House of Windsor, that I know of.  Pity, that.

My only one teensy, tiny problem with the movie, I know so many of the actors from other roles, I had to consciously block out, "he IS NOT playing Cadfael", and so on.  I have this same problem with other actors I am used to, in other roles...  If the movie is good (like this one), the dissonance leaves fairly quickly...  Thank Goodness! 
Prompt: Everything's OK. What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?

Without resorting to a Tom Petty ditty, I don't know how to answer this question. 

I guess because all my animals made it (so far) through the winter this year?  That no one I love has been hurt or sick or died?  This question is just so... UGH!  I don't know how to answer. 

These are the frustrating kind.  Those questions like you had in grade school that you had to write a paragraph, and it was half your grade.  This one is half my blog, and it sucketh, yea verily! 

How will I incorporate the discovery?  Well, by continuing to feed and care for my animals, associate with my loved ones, and hope that the next question doesn't make me feel like I took an overdose of DUH pills!


  1. I want to see the King’s Speech so badly. Haven’t made it yet. I am a speech-therapist by background and I hear this is a movie I will like. Great actors for sure. The Tooth Fairy is so good :)
    I agree--knowing the animals made it through the winter will be a great sign everything is alright :)

  2. Hi there, Miss Hepzibah!

    Believe I will see The King's Speech, it has had so many good reviews, that little taste you gave, has me wanting more!
    Your prompt leaves me standing like a deer in the headlights. Glad it was you that had to answer that one and not me!

    O. Somie Goodbody

  3. Yea, verily. Sounds like a fluff question to me, from someone who didn't know how to ask a better.

    Is whatever-it-is going to end the world, that problem or difficulty you are having right now? Probably not. So of course things are going to go on, but it won't mean all is right. Sometimes things will just never be "right" again. Depends on what happened.

    Thanks for the movie review.


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