Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zombies need not apply.

So, what have I been up to?  Draining my brain cells, apparently.  Saturday saw me catching up on a CERT class online, about 6 hours worth.  It was a refresher course.  Um.  I passed, but I am somewhat embarrassed to say, I did need to take the course again.  I am not looking forward to the other courses, if that's the case. Oi!  Then today, I tried to help Dad with his computer.  There, I batted .500.  I was able to get a disk he wanted to see up and running, after I realized that it was more a problem of the computer picking the wrong thing to show it with, than anything.  He then wanted me to help him with a program.  I misunderstood which one, and the program just worked flawlessly.  Uh...


After even going to Unca Billy's Solve the Problems Website for Geek Wannabes, I still couldn't figure out what the problem was.  Mostly, because there wasn't one.  Finally, it dawned on me, Dad was calling the program that was in trouble, by the name of the program that was not.  Sort of like when I tell someone to turn right, while pointing left. (Note, if you ever take directions from me, pay attention to where I am pointing, that is correct.  The mouth, not so much... )

So. By that time, my brain cells had left the building, the computer was slowing to a crawl for some strange reason (we have really strange DSL coverage out here), and I just told him I would be happy to fix it, later.  So, with any luck, I will figure out why it wasn't doing what ever it was to do, (music player, I believe), and I will be able to have it working.  But not today.

It's been snowing, windy, then turned to all rain (warmish rain, no ice, thankyouthankyouthankyou...), so I am in the house alternating between knitting and reading a J.A. Jance book "Trial by Fire".  I will show my knitterly doings later, I have a pair of socks finished, I have another one almost finished, a kid's pair I am working on, and a baby blanket I am about half finished with.  At this rate, I might be down to 3 or 4 projects by April.


And, since I have not one thing of interest to add to my lack of brain power, I will share a picture I took of a sheep "direction pointer" that I saw at the Canby Flock and Fiber fest.  It directed you to the coffee stand.  I think someone had not had enough coffee yet... 

I think I would probably give that sheep what ever it wanted.  Hay? Great.  Grain, sure. No shearing, noooo problem... 

Don't eat me...

(Edit note... I had a heart healthy check, stuff like bp, cholesterol, that sort of stuff, the 20+ off helped, things are getting better.  As for my blog, anything on ----> that side, is acting up, so I apologise...  I think Blogger is mad at me again. Sigh...)


  1. Not sure I follow what is going on with your Dad's comp. I am not a techie.

    I can see why you are switching between knitting and reading - both too interesting.

    I am having a bit of a brain drain today, myself. You are not alone :-)

  2. You need to give directions like my dyslexic friend and i do. In the car, whoever is in the passenger seat just says, "Turn my way" or Turn your way" to indicate which direction. No confusing lefts and rights needed.

    That sheep looks like it needed its coffee as much as i do sometimes.

    Glad there's no ice.

  3. After reading this post, I think I need some coffee and a nap. LOL Take care, Mal


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