Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Timing? What's that?

In the great scheme of things...  I am doing okay, time wise, except I keep getting people saying, I would like you to do X, then don't give me a time

I half expect to have everyone want me to be available on one day, for a 3 hour period, or some equally stupid thing.  On the bright side, I finally dropped one volunteer job I had been doing for about, uh, 12+ years, possibly as long as 15.  Getting sort of tired of it.  I just felt someone else could do the job, why must I?  And, amazingly enough, not one, but two people stepped up to do the job! 


At the substation, doing my receptionist bit for the deputies again.  Had this gent come in, and ask me if the email for a particular deputy was correct.  After a bit of futzing about, I was able to double check it, and it was.  He then asked if he could phone said deputy directly.  I said no, but gave him the voice mail that we are supposed to give out.  (Volunteers are not to give out direct numbers unless told to by said deputy.)  Then the gent asks if said deputy is on duty today.  After a quick check, yes, he should be on, this evening. 

After a long pause, he glared at me, and said, "You know, I have been trying to get a hold of him for two days.  Maybe I should do something bad so that he will show up immediately..."   I didn't say a word.  I just used the you are saying something stupid, I will wait until your brain reboots look that I have found to be effective.  If I had been in the mood, I should have said what I was thinking, "Gee, maybe some people ARE doing something bad, and that's why he can't just jump on your request."  But I decided to just keep my mouth shut. 

He did get the hint, from my glare, and blushed slightly, mumbled, "maybe not...", then left.  (Am I good, or what?)  ;)   

(Don't answer that...)

I am pleased to say scale day was one pound down.  Getting back to exercising actually helps!  (Today, especially.  I had no motivation.  If it weren't for Rudee, I might have gone back to bed.  It was that bad...)

So.  Other than our house and the biggest part of our property smells like a forest with the compost, all is pretty much is as usual. 

And for some of the comments I don't know if I got to:

John... about the socks.  Email me, "rencatus at yahoo dawt com", let me know what you are thinking of.

Bon Bon.  Here is the lead in about the cougar from my blog.  Feel free to peruse...

If I missed anyone else... Um.  I guess you can always leave a comment? 

(sheepish grin)


  1. My mind is just a blank tonight. Maybe that's a good thing? I'm glad you can exercise again, it won't be long and you can really go, sans the cool weather gear.

    If something you volunteered for is a pain in the back - it's better to resign, it will show in your personality and doesn't help you or them. Good that you let that one go.


  2. thanks for the updates! with your talk of the cat having a social life, i was under the impression it was still alive! like you ran a big cat sanctuary. but with raising chickens and llamas and all, my thoughts lead to "boy, that must be tempting for a cougar." lol! glad you clarified!

  3. Yes, you are good. You can give "the look" with the best of them. That's a talent to respect.

    Good for you for stepping down on the volunteering that wasn't a fit any more. There is always someone else who can take up the slack, even if the rest of the world tries to tell you that you alone will do.


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