Sunday, October 02, 2011

Returning. In which I compose a blog. Or compost one...

I actually had written "compost" to begin with.  Not exactly an auspicious start, I would say.


So, what have I been doing? Well, faire, obviously, since that's what the last (long, LOONG, LOOOONG ago) blog was about.

I finally took a make up class for the one day I had missed in the Citizens academy (cough2008coughcough), and then have been an Ambassador for a class.  Which means that I make GALLONS of coffee, for a lot of very intense young (mostly male) people.  Where I have seen several of the classes, people are chatting, interacting, and generally seem to be enjoying themselves, this group takes copious notes, and looks like there will be a pop quiz that is half their grade at the end. (One detective even commented on it during class. Only the other deputies laughed, and me.  The class took more notes.  Strange...)

I went to a fiber fest.  Husband would probably have been upset had I brought these home... Actually, I think my ride might have too, since we were in a Prius, with a baby in the back...  (But, Honey, it's yarn on the hoof!)  

I also saw several llamas.  I was surprised, there were some babies, but the only llamas for sale, were adult males.  This cutie kept flirting with me, I suspect he thought I had food in my carry bag.  Or he has a thing for plump gals making goo goo eyes at him...


My usual shift at the substation.  We had the computer melt down, so this month has been re-writing the newsletter from scratch, which includes digging up logos and such.  That has been a bit of a challenge.  One of the days I was there, I had a woman nearly demand I look up a license plate, because... 

She wanted to buy the vehicle in question.  (No, the Sheriff's Office, Police Department, etc. do not do this.)

I have picked quite a few vegetables, found out the kohlrabi is a hit with a friend of mine, so much so, that one day when I was gone, Husband offered several of the remaining ones to him.  Uh, Husband, THOSE WERE MINE... Sheesh.  There is a couple left, so I at least will get a little try of them...  However, I do have several cups of vegetable soup from my garden that I have frozen for winter.  Quasi-recipe, for any that want it:

Lazy Gardener's Veggie Soup.

5 cups water.
Vegetable Soup Mix (I used Knox)
Beans (I used Navy and Pinto)
Crookneck squash

Cook beans until tender.  Remove skins from tomatoes and chop.  Chop all other veggies from garden.  Put in pot, simmer until tender.  Add beans, mix. Freeze.  Add Garlic powder if Husband doesn't catch you.

Like I said, lazy.  There may even have been more stuff than that, but that's what I can remember.  

I finished an Edwardian Cape and matching hat for a new baby and her older sister (pictures to come.)

Finally got some blackberries picked and, for lack of a better term, mashed.  I now have several cups of juice that Husband loves dearly on ice cream.  I now only wish I had picked more...

I also picked apples...

(Tea box for scale.)  I have most of this batch made into applesauce, and then I have some more to pick and sauce-ify.  Then I can work on my Walnut trees, if I can beat the deer, squirrels, and turkeys.  

And the rainy season is starting here, just in time for it to warm up, figuratively speaking, for Halloween.  Most costumes match the raincoats, around here...  Halloween falls on a Monday this year, I have decided if I get my act together, I might go as a hippie this year.  We shall see.  

Baby Hal has been (frantically knocking wood), doing quite well.  There seems to be some problems behind the keyboard, but it has been improving, and it certainly does much better than our TV.  Our news has almost entirely been from the computer of late, which tells you the quality of our reception here... 

I also started a Twitter account, but it looks like it will probably be as hit and miss as the regular blog.  I guess I have to realize that I have to actually WRITE something for it to show up, since I can't blog or tweet by telekinesis.  Pity, that.

I am also knitting...  A scarf or two, and a blanket, for my charities.  Some socks for myself.  A present for Mom.  A baby blanket for a different charity.  A new sweater for me.  

And I am still working off and on on my book.  Right now more in my head than on paper, but it's still in the queue, at any rate.  

That doesn't take into account the normal I have to get groceries, my spinning days, and just running around when we need something.  

Still exercising, too, Rudee is getting arthritis, so I am doing some things to supplement, as we can't walk as much.  Well, he can't anyway.  

So, I guess, perhaps I should shut up, and check some other blogs...  Certainly been away long enough! 

And just 'cuz, more pictures of veggies.


  1. OK, now I'm ready for a nap. I got tired just reading about all of the stuff you have been doing. No wonder you haven't been time to blog.

  2. Glad you have checked in, i was thinking of sending a posse to find you. Imagine the embarrassment at the station if i had done that to you! ;)

    Your soup sounds luscious and easy, something i might try my hand with soon, as winter is coming.

    Hope you get lots of walnuts, and husband leaves the rest of the kohlrabi alone.

    As for the yarn on the hoof ... awww! how cute!

  3. Love the 'yarn on the hoof' comment. I'm thinking I would have found a way to get them home!!


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