Saturday, November 26, 2011

V. Very strange, of late.

Having a broken leg can lead to some interesting changes in one's life.  I have not had to rush about to any meetings or service items of late.  Of course, "rush" is pretty much a zero probability feat anyway, it takes me several minutes to get to the bathroom!

I am trying to be as laid back as I can about everything, Husband keeps telling me he's sorry about how the kitchen looks (it's a bit cluttered at the moment, what with the stupid fridge dying, and needing to find things in the kitchen), and I want to bawl, making him have to do it.  I am perfectly capable, I just CAN'T, because I can't carry anything to speak of, or stand.

Finally got to go outside on my own, my poor dog Rudee was nearly doing backflips in the kennel, and was nearly apoplectic when he wasn't allowed out to see me, reaching through the bars did NOT do it for him, he wanted some personal face time with me, so to speak!

I am getting dressed, which is ok, except that everything is slow.  I have to have Husband help with goofy things, like putting on socks, and making sure the shirt actually goes down in the back.  Trying to dress yourself while holding yourself upright on a walker is a challenge.  But, I am getting dressed.

Our next door neighbor friend, who is a doctor, came over to check on me, (he helped get me to the house the day I broke my leg, and may have even gotten Husband to go get me to the hospital, that was a bit... hazy, I was trying to direct traffic on what was going on IN the house), which lead to me finding out information about my fracture that I either didn't hear, or didn't get in the hospital.  (Or the dang drugs just pushed it out of my head...)

But, I had what is called a spiral fracture, if you look at the X-ray, it looks like a spear point where it broke.  He went on to explain some of the details of what I should be doing, how best to exercise the muscles so I will not lose mobility (an important fact, since this is break two or three for that leg...), and just making sure that I am comfortable.  I then asked him about Kohlrabi, a veggie he dearly loves.  Next year's garden is going to have a lot more of those, let me tell you.  We also found out he is still somehow connected to the military, he is not active, but if some major event would happen, he would be a doctor on call for burn victims and general doctoring.  Things you learn about people.  I had also thought he was really smart about arthritis, he was always giving me ideas and thoughts on how to make it easier for me to do things.  Turns out, he has arthritis, too, in his shoulders.  That, frankly amazed me.

I know that I have been fielding calls and emails to a) let everyone know how it's going and b) make sure people know what I do and don't need.  However, if any of you break a leg, you will probably take narcotics.  These tend to bind you up.  Be aware, your poo becomes a major topic of conversation with lots of people!  I think I have talked more about poo in the last week or so, than I believe I have in several months!  And ya know, that isn't really my first choice topic of conversation, but I'll deal.

But other than falling asleep at random intervals, and needing to have everyone help with simple stuff, things haven't been too bad.  It is a strange perspective, to slow down like this.  I don't like the reason why, but you know, learning about how this works and how much I can, and can't do, has been good.

Now if I could just learn more patience...

(Insert laughter here...)


  1. Patience!! more of it you say!! haha-dont we just wish!! Take care-enjoy the slower lifestyle-might as well !! Watch Christmas movies and drink plenty of fluids!~helps with the poo too!!

  2. Sugarless gum after every meal...

    I really feel for you, I know how hard it is to have your husband doing for you and you have to bite your tongue when he does something that isn't the way you do things or he puts the dishes away in the wrong spot etc.

    Enjoy the 'good' drugs and I hope your bones knit well now!

  3. I am just catching up on reading blogs and found out about your broken leg... wish I could give you a hug and do some things around the house that you need done. I know it is easy to say relax and let others do the things you want to do, but please try. I know I get depressed and that is no easy thing to deal with. Doing something helps me with that, but you are stuck there... how about taking on a new task you can do on the computer? Something I am always after myself to do is to write up a history of my family. I am scanning old photos to put in my barely started history. I was thinking of starting a private blog to post the stories and photos. I have one suggestion about the poo problem. I find that olive oil works wonders. I use olive oil and vinegar on my salad or I cook my scrambled eggs in olive oil and up the amount of olive oil until I get the poo results I want. (more laughter here) P.S. Please feel free to egg me on in my family history writing project... it is so easy to let it slide. Wish I could make things better for you.

  4. Rain:
    Funny you should mention Christmas movies, I found "The Grinch" cartoon online, since that is one I don't have. And yes, I think that we have a fairly nice variety of juices, so I am not skimping...


  5. Sharon:
    Now that is one that I don't know that I have heard before. Surprisingly, while, yes, he does do things much differently than I might, the only things I have to keep an eye on, really, is when he does dishes, Husband doesn't know which are ones not to be put in, or top loaded, that sort of thing, so I hope not to come out with too many oopsies there. But I would just rather do them myself, just... 'cuz!

    Hallalujah, amen about the bones knitting. I am good at "hand knitting", you think that will translate to 'bone knitting'? ;)


  6. Callie:

    Some of my friends send virtual hugs, i.e., . I thought that was cute. But the thought is wonderful, I have had so many offers of help, and getting things done. I try not to get too many people at the house, Husband would be directing traffic! But yes, it isn't the easiest thing, I am not sick, per se, so just sitting can be annoying.

    So far, I have kept Big D at bay, I think that focus is very good, I have been trying to knit. I do have some family history items to work on, as well as my writing, but with the meds on board, OH MY. My attention span is about that of a two year old, and even simple things like getting a phone number correct can be a challenge, so I am going to have to keep it on the WAY SIMPLE side. I am knitting a baby blanket for a charity I favor. After half a dozen false starts (told ya I am having trouble...) I seem to be getting the blanket going.

    Hmm. Computer stuff. I am sitting for long bits of time. Maybe I could catch up on blogs! Concept, huh? (grin!)

    And yes, don't do what we have, and look at a big trunk of photos. We know they are pictures of family, but have no clue of which, when, or where taken in a lot of cases... So, GO for it, my friend!


  7. Maybe you could prewrite a bunch of blogs, in a word document, to publish later when the muse just isn't hitting.

    Or work on that novel.

    Still praying you heal quickly and are back to laps with Rudee soon.

  8. messymimi:
    I would normally do that, and now that I think I am disqualified from the November Blog writing contest, will probably do so.

    I will work on the novel a bit, but I was so looped, I couldn't even remember some of the character's names. One of my friends encouraged me that, "even if it's crap, get it down." More or less that to write, you have to actually WRITE. However, when your writing looks like a monkey with seizures started it, it doesn't seem to lead to a lot of benefit. I have been writing, but right now mostly letters. I will get out the book, however, because I finally feel like I could probably write without so much groggy foggy nonsense.

    We'll have to see about laps, Rudee and I might be walking 'round the house, rather than the hill. Or something. There is mumbling on continuing my previous exercise routine. Meh.


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