Friday, February 24, 2012

Breakfast. (Picture heavy.)

(To explain, I am trying to put some weight on Llama, she is elderly, and didn't seem to hold her weight up during the winter.  So I am feeding her in the chicken house, and the others are very jealous... And yes, it is chicken chow, but it's nearly the same product as some of the other feeds I have used for the llamas.  Go figure.)

Nom, nom, nom...  I loves me this chicken chow...

Hello, I heard the word CHOW used.  Where's mine??

Me, too!  Chicken chow is my favorite

Why is the door closed?  I am ever so... annoyed...

Oh, you have a camera.  If I smile, do I get chow???

Ah, sunshine.  You know what would be nice? 
Yes, indeed, I would love some chow.... 
No?  But I am so cute!

HEY! MOM!  Why are all the spitters up front?


Um.  Food?  


  1. The Spitters? lmao...that's too funny, thanks for the laugh, I needed that today.

  2. Hmm, i think if i were a llama, i'd be jealous, too. Any possibility of giving each of the others one small handful of chow each if they behave? Or would that make the problem worse?

    Great pics, you captured those expressions very well.

    1. I have a hard time getting an equal share of feed to them, Annie is a glutton, and would push the others out of the way to have her share, and the other's share, as well. And they have food outside (I hay them regularly), they just want the "good stuff". (Can't say I blame them, I prefer cookies to oatmeal, myself...)


  3. Ha! Great pictures and captions, had me laughing out loud. "Spitters", indeed!


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