Thursday, March 01, 2012

Well, it's March 1st.  Or one-eth, if you want to be funny.  The weather people said we have passed the normal frost date.

Uh... Huh...

I remember it snowing on April 20th before, and while it is not QUITE freezing, we awoke to this:

Just enough snow to be kind of pretty (and cold, and wet, and sloppy... Ahem).  So, I guess we shall see what the next few days foretell for Puxywhatsis Pete's predictions.  

Stupid rodent, anyway...

In the hopes that spring will eventually BE here, I planted about 25 kohlrabi in peat pots, and about 6 long season tomato plants, which are now toasting tootsies on a heat mat.  I am hoping the early start will allow early(er) harvest.  The kohlrabi are for a friend of mine, he requests them, and last year, when I had a nice row for him, and a couple set aside for me, (that I forgot to mark), I see Husband and him walk out of the garden with ALL of them.  I am going to cure that, (hopefully) this year.  I am planting green kohlrabi for said friend, and I am planting RED kohlrabi for myself.  I am also thinking of planting my kohlrabi in a planter tub, where it's in a completely different spot than the ones I am raising for him...  

Yesterday was sort of blustery, with spots of sun, then wind, rain, and snow crossways, then dark, dark, clouds.  The weather was fitting, as it was my bosses' last day.  We all came in early for a meeting with the new boss(es, they seem to work tag team for some reason...), who were the OLD bosses'  (Okay, I hope that sentence is semi-coherent, it sounds a lot better in my head than it does on the screen...)  

So, we showed up, not quite sure what to expect.  The bosses that were leaving were not there for most of the meeting, when they did show, they were getting ready to go, picking up papers and getting things together.  The new boss introduced himself, and we had a question and answer session.  It went rather well, I have worked with the one boss before in other capacities, and he is pretty straight forward, and refreshingly, he's one that, if he doesn't know, will say, "I don't know, let's find out."  That is such a nice thing to have, rather than filling the air with stuff and nonsense, in my opinion!  

We had cake and coffee. (We also had the great Cola Caper.  I had brought in a small Coke, and another gal had a bottle of Root Beer.  The two of us are known for not drinking coffee, and usually having sodas or, in my case, tea.  There was a quart soda cup on the table, and all eyes turned to us.  We both held up our respective cups, and shrugged.  The big soda was never claimed, I suspect it might have been forgotten by a deputy when leaving...) 

The bosses didn't eat, I think it was one of those 'gut' things, neither were acting like they were hungry, big surprise...  I was sitting down, just taken a big bite of cake, when the new boss asked me about my book.  Urg.  I motioned, then managed to get the bite taken care of.  Then I told him he'd make a great waitress with that timing.  He laughed.  

He is quite interested in the idea of my writing, and has offered to look over what I have written, so I am quite pleased.  A bit nervous, too, as I am NOT a cop, and while this is true, I don't want it to be where someone in law enforcement would laugh themselves sick at my errors, either...  I worry too much, I guess.  To wit: he'd asked how much I had finished, I told him about 8-10 pages, somewhere around there, but I kept writing, then not liking what I wrote, then starting a section again, then again, and again.  He looked at me, and said, "That's what editors are for, just write."  (As did Mom, later... Do I sense a trend?) 

Then I said goodbye to them as they left, hugs all around, and I managed to get out of there without crying.  Sniffing and sounding like I was going to, but I managed to keep it together.  That was the last thing I would need, come onto my shift with 'rat eyes'.  Ick.

In other news, the new avatar is up for the month.  This month's St. Patty's picture with BTK makes me think of a cross between a WW1 Dough boy, and Alex from Clockwork Orange.

Milk, anyone?

Sorry, flying my Geek Flag again...

Husband decided that I am doing well enough losing weight, (???) that he has set a date for us to go to Alaska.  So, I have a while yet, but we have several things that need to be figured out before we can go.  Everything from passports (we need to get them), to cell phones (can we use them?), to the tea I like, (should I take it with me, or can I get it at port?) 

I still don't know if I will be down to 150, my goal, by then, but I guess it gives me a definitive "point" to strive for.  I don't think he realizes that it took well over a year to lose 20 pounds and keep it off, but I know what I need to do, and if I don't manage to break something else, I should be able to get back to regular exercise.  I am walking some, on the road, which I don't like. (One of the neighbors has a Doberman, and it does NOT like me walking past "its" house.  Why, oh, why do I seem to have dog troubles so much???  I think I was a dog catcher in a previous life...) 

I don't have any good shoes right now for walking the hill, and Husband doesn't want me to, until it dries out. A lot.  So, I walk the road.  It will do, I guess.

And The Challenge.  I managed to get a letter out most everyday the mail ran, except for about 2 or 3.  I took a lot more than 24 addresses, however, so I am still writing letters!  I found out some won't write back, after February, some will.  I think I will just finish with the ones I have left, and go from there.  That way, I know I did what I said I would do, and write the people I said I would.  I have received several responses, that was very nice, and a few that sound promising as pen friends.  And I found I really like using fountain pens.  So, I consider it a general success.

Llama is putting on a little weight, and she now knows that she is going to be fed in the chicken house.  The only problem with this is, I walk in, and have to move her out of the way, as she then stops in front of the feed barrel.  Which is where I need to be, to feed her!  This also aggravates the chickens, who seem to think they should be fed too, for some strange reason. And they don't really like playing "Dodge the llama feet".

Ah, the life of my critters.


  1. Punxsutawney Phil said it would be 6 more weeks of winter; looks like he was right for you, at least. Here, we are already using the A/C on occasion.

    Layoffs are awful, i know the place won't seem the same without the bosses. Good idea getting someone there to read over what you write for accuracy.

    Passports? For Alaska? Guess that would be because you have to go through Canada? Glad you are getting to go, too.

    As for Llama standing in the way, you know how it is. Once is a habit for pets and brothers-in-law, and if Llama stood in front of the bin once before being fed, now it has to be that way every time.

  2. Well, it is supposed to warm up by the weekend, we shall see. Yes, we will be on a boat, and will need passports for any landfalls in Canada. Also, from what we have been told, if we are medivac'ed for any reason. I think Husband is more eager about this than I am at this point! Wow...

    I giggle about the BIL comment. I have two... But yes, she knows this is supposed to happen, so I am immaterial, it's the food!

  3. I am anxious to plant... but I have to wait a bit longer to start seedlings - we usually don't plant outside until Mother's Day. But... things like Kohlrabi could be planted a bit earlier... hmmmm!! You have me thinking!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting about my "no reply" blog. I find it so much nicer to have my blog set up so I get comments emailed to me, and then, it's really easy to just reply to the email.
    You commented that you were changing your settings, too. The comment from you still shows you are a 'no reply' blogger, so if you did change the settings, you must have done it after you left the comment.

  4. Huh... Thought I had followed the directions... Okay, will have to see what I did wrong. But, hopefully I got the verification off of it. I hope...


  5. I like the advice you got, maybe that IS what editors are for. Just write and let the word police (poor pun) clean up the mess.


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