Thursday, February 02, 2012

A challenge. And a minor funny.

I read about this challenge today.  Which means I am a day behind, but hey.  It's a leap year, I get an extra day, it all works out, right?  I just like the idea of writing to people, and the thought of sending letters out to people I have been thinking "gee, I should write to X", can now be...  "Oh, I have this challenge, who can I write to, oh yeah, X!"

The other day, one of my friends asked how my book was going.  I have several pages written, and showed her.  She looked confused, and said, but it's handwritten.  I said that yes, I transcribe it onto disk later.  Yeah, she said, but it takes so long to write that way.

I guess I never thought writing was about speed.  (Just ask most of my school teachers...)

Anywho, I figure I will see if I can get some letters to people.  If you would like me to write to you, send your regular/classic/snail address to: rencatus AT yahoo DOT com.  I would be happy to drop you a (handwritten) line!


I was at my shift at the substation, and this gent came in wanting a welfare check on a family member.  I called dispatch to send a deputy out to talk to him.  While we were waiting, he started saying that he hoped the deputy could find said family member.  (Oh, great...)

I very carefully said that a welfare check usually implied that one has some idea where the person IS.  He then said something to the effect that it shouldn't be that hard to find her, and discussed some ways HE thought that it could happen.  Several that were questionable, one or two I suspect were illegal.

I responded that while he had some... interesting ideas, that Law Enforcement did have some limitations on what they could do.  I kid you not, he responded:

"But they do that on TV all the time!"



  1. Hi Cat. I love this mail challenge idea. I am going to share it on my blog too? Thank you. The creepy guy you conversed with on the job, yikes indeed. Have a great week.

  2. What a nice challenge. And yes, receiving 'snail mail' is so totally different than corresponding electronically. Many years ago, before I graduated from school, I recall the pleasure I experienced in buying a new box of stationery. The blank papers held so much promise!
    I'm betting you'll see the "Month of Letters" image on my blog shortly!
    Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  3. The month of letters sounds cool! I like writing paper letters, and I know I like getting them.

    People seem to think everything on TV "reality" shows is real...scary thought!

  4. And we know that no one ever exaggerates or lies on tv, of course.

    As for the challenge, i like the idea, in theory. In practice, i can try for two a week. Who knows, at that rate, i might keep going longer than a month, because i won't be overwhelmed with it.

  5. That encounter was really funny! I guess some people's reality is becoming blurred by TV. Well, all the great old writers wrote by hand, quill pens, inkwells, fountain pens, and ballpoint pens too. I admire you. I can't write by and any longer.


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