Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a difference a week makes!

Husband got a wild hair, we hadn't gone to the coast since way before Thanksgiving.  So we picked a day, I think it was like the 4th or 5th, and went coastal.

The weather was great, and the gulls were hungry.
I had sympathy for Tippi Hedren...

Little cloud action coming in.  
Along with the tide going out.

The lighthouse from Nye Beach.  
Wish I could have had closer picture...

I can't remember the proper name for this creature.  
The skeleton washed up on the coast, and they made a mold 
of what it might have looked like. They paint it different colors
every so often.  I try and get pictures of it as the paint scheme
changes, Husband always knows I will ask to go see the 

It was a great day.  A little windy, but it was, oh, about 65 or so, and sunny, nice, nice day.


Then came about 2 days ago, in the morning.  The wind had been heavy all day, several places had lost power, then I looked outside to feed the cat, and saw... 


There was about an inch or so.  It was wet, sloppy, cold,
and generally not what I wanted for THE WEEK BEFORE SPRING!

Sorry for the blur.  Just trying to show the snow. 
Stupid groundhog!

In case anyone thought I had fallen off the earth, remember last blog I mentioned being in the Iknitarod?  

I was knitting like crazy this whole time.  I started, then got to the center.  Did my decreases. Ran out of yarn, and realized I had screwed up royally!  I had not read the instructions right, and had decreased once on each side, not twice, as written. which basically made it a big, house shaped, pentagony thing.  Frog, swearing not so silently, and start from the middle, over again.  Decrease CORRECTLY this time.  I finished about 5 pm, local time, with the edging, and was able to have it count, as the first musher of the Iditarod came in last night at 8, (Dallas Seavey) so I was in the time frame. (Whew!!!)  

For a simple pattern, it took a h*** of a lot of effort!  I am now going to knit something... Sockly, I think.  

After I take a short break and write some letters.  I have several folks that I need to reply to.  Let's just say the Month of Letters went better than I could have imagined!  I am not going to write every day, but I am going to make a point of replying to the letters I've received.  And perhaps a few that I haven't managed to get to yet... Urk.  

A letter's a letter, right???


  1. Congratulations! You knit as fast as the dogs run, that's quite an accomplishment.

    Yes, a letter is a letter, and it's something not done often enough any more, taking time to hand write a nice response. (Guilty as charged.)

    As for the groundhog, the poor guy is just the messenger, and promised 6 more weeks of winter. At least he didn't lie, like human meteorologists are so often accused of doing.

  2. Wow, one extreme to the other.

    1. Yes, I will have to put up a picture on my next blog, that you don't see in this area that often... Right now, it seems that we are just getting snow/rain, so if all goes well, we won't have the wind nonsense...


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