Thursday, September 19, 2013

Home again, home again, Arrr...

Well, back from Faire, and I *think* all the laundry is finished.  Let's just say, camping in a plowed field makes for brown dust color EVERYTHING.  My bath looked like an estuary, eeewww...

I will blog a bit about faire later, but am almost back to normal.  I have even pretty well dropped the accent at this point...

Of course, today being Talk Like A Pirate day, all bets are off how I will sound this evening at the presentation I am going to give for Neighborhood Watch...  I can see it now.

"Aye, mateys, you would be a turnin' to page 2 o' your papers, and I would be explainin' to ye how to avoid rouges and scoundrels what would be a theiven' your goods..."

Yeah.  Um.

Somehow, with the group, it might, or might not go over well.  So, hopefully, I will catch up on my blog reading (and commenting) in the next few days.  So, enjoy your day, may you all have fair weather and following seas.

Or you know, whatever floats your boat...


Okay, I will stop now.


  1. Your bath looks like an estuary? Love it!

  2. Fair weather to you, too, Matey! And an audience with a sense of humor.

  3. Hee Hee . I likes it matey ! Argh

  4. Welcome back. "Whatever floats your boat" I always loved that saying:) B

  5. Somehow your description of your bath as an estuary makes it all seem uncomfortably real to me ...eeearrgh! :)


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