Saturday, April 11, 2015

J is for...

Just looking at my animals.
Ran late today, J was a hard one to figure out what to put, but figured the gang could help out...

Mooom! Do I have to sit for all these stupid pictures???

Mon Ami, showing that he loves to be head and feathers above the rest...

Waiting for the apples...

Nope, no apples here, either...

Pictures.  Huh.  Big Whoop.

Photo Bomb!!!

I am Queen of all I survey.  Toes included...
Yep, I am blessed...


  1. Animals make our lives so much richer.

  2. Beautiful! And joyous!

  3. I'm kinda jealous. I wish I had some lamas. ☺️

  4. hahaha the captions make the pictures even more cute :D Loved them

    From A to Z

  5. Love the photos and your comments. That first one is brilliant, poor dog being made to sit for a photo. So cruel, hehe.

    Cait @ Click's Clan


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