Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Universe is laughing again...

Okay, some of the "radio silence" is because I just haven't been on the computer much.  I guess I have been taking a media break, and broke too much? (crash, tinkle) I need to get into the habit of writing again... Then I decided, well, then get in there and write, then!

And that's when I had some trouble with the computer.  Some was operator error, not that unusual, but a bit of it was some from the security stuff I use on the computer.  So, I was nervous about getting back on, until it was corrected.  Seems to be, so I am typing away.

I actually have only been to the store, and to the sub.  No meetings, no go get this done, no... No!  I hate to say it, but it's been nice being home.  I think I have busy-fied myself too much...  I have been invited to one event, I am debating on going or not, as I like the event, but other than a couple folks, I've felt out of place.

So, there's that.

Getting ready to roast a turkey, and get a few other items all Thanksgiving-fied.  So, with all this, guess when my haircut is?  Day before Thanksgiving.  Goes to show, I need to have a calendar tied to my hand.  This appointment was made well in advance WHILE LOOKING AT THE CALENDAR ON MY PHONE, so this shouldn't have happened, but... Meh.  It's not like I get a perm or some such, it is "just" a haircut, so I shouldn't have to deal with a whole lot of turmoil.

I usually have a bunch of my Christmas shopping finished, I shop during the year. (Yep, one of "those" people, hee hee...)  I have, as of TODAY, bought my first gift.  So... Yay.  I was actually going to buy two gifts, but Amazon just didn't see fit to spot me $1.52 shipping I didn't have on my card.  So, I will have to go get yet another Amazon card when I trundle into town next.  Still better than trying to get this item wherever I would get it.  Said item is not carried in this area... And I know, I looked allllll over for it...

I decided to buy some Christmas cards.  While I received very few last year, I did get some via email, which I count.  Also, I did get, Oh, thank you for the cards, which, actually, I count, too.  There are a few that aren't even letting me know they are around.  No card, no call, no returned with "deceased, and leave me the XXXX alone!", nothing.  So, I will not be sending them cards, and we shall see if I get a response THIS year.  Then a few, I don't have a current address, those are going to be the most challenging, both for me, and USPS.  I have the easy part, I guess where they are, and address with 'please forward'.

Beyond that, who knows.

The garden is pretty well bedded down for the winter, as are the animals, mostly.  I need to get a windbreak put over the window of the chicken house, but beyond that, all is pretty much winterized.  Husband has been working on the water, covering the spigots and taking in hoses.  We have wood for the fireplace, I have basics for cookies, so yep, Christmas...

Bring it on!    :)


  1. It's great to hear from you, i'm glad the critters are all ready for winter, and i hope you and yours have a fabulous Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  2. Thanks for catching us up on your life. Happy Thanksgiving.


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