Sunday, April 25, 2021

The lion shops toniiiiiight....

So, I have been wearing masks, but I have recently picked up two that get comments. Mom bought me one that looks like a black mask with a kitty nose and whiskers.  (People really get a kick out of it when I goof up and put it on upside down!) But I have misplaced that one, to my extreme irritation...  I will find,or get another one eventually, because it goes with a hoodie I wear. Black, with "I am a cat" printed on it, and pointy ears on the hood. Sigh.

The other one I picked up myself, and really mess people up when I wear it. I guess because my hair matches so well with it.

So, this is more or less what I look like when I go shopping.  I've actually had people start and back up when they see me.  (I think it's a funny reaction, how many lions do you see wearing a hat, coat, and jeans at your local supermarket?) However, one of the volunteers where I got my vaccine shot said I freaked her out, so...  ? 

The only concern I have is little ones. Twice I have had to avert disaster, one look and whimpers started.  I have found, however, the strange cure for it.  I put my hands under my chin like I am posing, and in the most sweet little innocent voice, I meow like a kitten.  This just stops them cold, then confusion, then giggles.  Except for one little girl.  She registered lion/meow, then stomped her foot. "Uh UH! Grrr! Roarrr!"  I then mewed again, and she shook her head at the the big dork lion...

The mask doesn't always have the desired effect, however.  I was finishing up shopping, and an obviously harried Mom came by with 3 boisterous boys in her cart, having some sort of game/fight/noise with each other. She sees me, and says, "Boys, look at the lion! Look! A lion!" Seeing that these boys were not clicking, I meow loudly when I walk by, cracking up two adults rounding the aisle.  Kids were clueless.  I needed to leave, so I continued on.  Nearly out of the store, I hear one of the boys pipe up, "Mom? What lion?"

Can't win 'em all, I guess.



messymimi said...

That mask is fabulous! No, you can't win them all, but heavens, the girl who tried to get you to roar, i want to know what she grows up to be.

Cat said...

Thank you! Husband thought it matches my hair well, color wise.

I don't know what she might be, but she was a strongly opinionated little one! No meow! Roar!!!