Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Hi, again, from a bird brain.

 Haven't written for a while.  Why? Um.  

Because I have been outside more? Because I haven't taken the time to write? Because, now that I have both shots, I actually have gone to a few more stores? 

Yeah, pretty much that. 

So, let's see... We have some turkeys that have been wandering around of late. One male, and a few females.  He's been after one in particular, however. 

    "Hello, honey!"

    "Yeah... Whatever, dude..."

He would strut proudly, flipping his tail feathers to attract her, and she... Didn't care.  She even decided to have a grooming session, cleaning thoroughly, checking the armpits, and basically treating him as if he were invisible.  Didn't stop him from flitting and showing off, though.

Meanwhile, in the chicken house...
I have a large flock this year. Ironically, to keep up with the egg demand from last year.  This year, nobody wants the eggs but one person! Gah!  Oh well.  I might sell a few chickens, people have been wanting chickens for small personal flocks. 

Anyway, the chickens needed more space when I feed them, so I used the edge of the wall.  They seemed to approve...

This is the feeder I have used, but if they are all there, it's overwhelmed. 

So, I put the feed across the back, and it seems to work well.  In fact, after only a few days, they were separating to groups, rather than swarming the feeder. 

So. Yay! 


messymimi said...

Chickens can learn, quite well, at least where the food is.

Please do not call yourself a bird-brain because you have been busy with your life. It saddens me when someone calls a friend of mine names, even if it's the friend doing it!

Cat said...

Oh, dear! I was making a joke with my title, because the topic was birds. Didn't mean to upset you about me belittling myself. Oops. Thank you for the concern, though.


Chris Farnell said...

You're so lucky, you have turkeys and chicken! Love it!