Thursday, May 13, 2021

Knitting for a friend.

 But I wish I didn't have to knit what I did.

A friend of mine is just having a hard time. His wife is in the late stages of Alzheimer's, and he was commenting that she likes to touch and handle things all the time.  He even mentioned that he's needing to lock away things, and "keep one eye open" while sleeping, because she will get up and wander, and she's very unstable on her feet, so he worries, will she fall, and what will she get into? 

I have no idea if it will help.  One of the items I have heard keep someone with dementia/Alzheimer's occupied, because of the tactile part, and something to "do", is an item called a Twiddle Muff.  

The muff is folded over so one can put hands inside.  There are buttons of different styles to twist and move.  Rings to pull on, ribbons, some with beads to move, some just to hang onto.  And, there are some inside the muff, so hands can be "contained", and "entertained".  

I was so sad to have to consider this as if I was making it for a toddler. The gal was a highly intelligent gal, and was in an important post where she worked as well as an all around lovely person. Not to mention, she's fading fast in her husband's eyes.  

One of those projects I hope helps, but wish deeply that it wasn't necessary...


messymimi said...

We all wish these things were not needed, and bless you for helping in this way.

Davey Bacaron Designs said...

Soo cute and so sweet of you!