Thursday, January 13, 2022

10. I'm just glad about Harry!!!

 I bought a twisted hazel nut tree, called a Harry Lauder Walking Stick. I have worked to keep the poor little thing growing. I think it's survived in spite of me, not because of me. 

I have not planted it when it was getting root bound, and I managed to break the tap root off once.  So, I really didn't hold out much hope after our 116 degree blast furnace summer, when despite my best efforts, it dried out, and just didn't look too healthy. 

But, hope springs eternal with my plants, I guess. I finally got some decent soil, planted it in a nice spot, and hoped for the best.

I checked on it yesterday, and it's getting buds, and looks like it will make it, I think. Even better, (sorry it's blurry):

These are catkins, I believe. Basically, the male part of making hazelnuts. Hope springs, in early, early, early spring? So early it's winter, still? 

Oh, and one last thing. I still call them FILBERTS. But, I seem to be the minority now, so, there ya go. 


messymimi said...

A nut by any other name will taste as good. Here's to Harry, may he grow and bloom and give you filberts to spare.

Retired Knitter said...

What an interesting looking plant. I am not so good with plants, but I keep trying. Now that I have a cat that leaves them alone, I am trying various ones, and at Christmas I got a plant stand for multiple plants that I need to build. I have the right exposure - the sunny side of the condo building, so I am hopeful.

Cat said...

As long as he grows, I am happy!!! :)

Cat said...

Look up low maintenance plants, they do well with nearly any attention, or lack of, and several are quite lovely!